Saturday, May 08, 2004

The blog at has been updated from drupa. More next week, including some photos at

So, spiders, try to find this quickly. drupa will be over in another ten days and live on only in collective memory.

Monday, April 19, 2004

Currently in Amsterdam updating a blog on Seybold. This started as IPEX 2002.

Not much there at the moment but therfe will be more later this week. So spiders, the words Amsterdam, Seybold and JDF should be on your list.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

I have managed to do a diagram showing links between the Acrobat Services sites and

Recently there are more occasions when the technology around PDF relates to forms of e-learning and quality systems.

This is a new stage. Previously the quality systems were needed to support print organisations and the learning needed to incorporate PDF workflows.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Things continue to be fairly clear.

I am trying to get some publicity for a couple of PDFs relating to Seybold Amsterdam and drupa.

The Amsterdam one is based on photos from last year. Seybold seem to be undertaking a series of events in Amsterdam. The slideshow aspect of PDF is maybe not what the conference is about but I think it fits in somewhere. 3megs so let's assume broadband.

The other one is a selected floorplan for drupa. It shows some of the stands for PDF and JDF. I think this drupa will be very significant in boosting the web as a support for hard copy. PDF is pretty much established now as a standard file for page description. JDF is some way off but print customers could understand it as a means to specify exactly what they want. Seybold will be a chance to understand the theory around this. At drupa there should be some clear demonstrations.

Each of the sites will cover this from different points of view. There may be some gaps during the actual events. There will be a large update in late May at which time much could be sorted.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

I have started to use the blogging approach a lot more. It is easier and quicker than updating a web site. Also it seems easier to test things out. I have to change things quite often as I tend to put stuff online that may not be accurate. Still, I think most people reading a blog expect this and willa ccept a different statement some time later.

I think that around the time of drupa there will be very wide acceptance of digital technology for print. This changes the role of some of the websites. So far the Acrobat Services site has concentrated on print and assumed low bandwidth. There is now quite a lot of broadband in the UK but I think the UK site should still work with dial-up. There could be more UK references on the Acrobat Services dotcom site. Print is still the main application for PDF, in my opinion. Most communication is on paper. However online people want to move on so a lot of the print content can move to WWW.atford.

There have been comment sections such as 'on reading Printweek' . I think I will collect these together but in future add to a blog. Most of these comments have been repeating the case for PDF in print. A blog started for IPEX 2002 is the best place for such stuff.

So, spiders, is this making a bit more sense as things become more clear?