Monday, December 11, 2017

Student Accomodation at Barn, what is going on?

Previously I did some draft comment for Exepose. See this link.

Seems to have got lost but I was reminded on recent walk to Sidwell Street. Turns out that although the swimming pool and bus station are on hold, there is a new block of student accomodation. The Barn is from Fresh Student Living. Info from someone I met is that much more space will be similar.

I tried a web search on Devon Live but found no info. I do not buy the Express and echo very often so may have missed the news. Doubt if there was an artist impression. Seems to be a box made of more box.

So is the campus an alternative city with the previous centre turning into a dormitory?

If the students are in the city why not move the theatre to make it easy to get a base audience?

I realise the uni is not in control of private schemes. But did they plan to expand student numbers when they took on debt for the buildings?

If education moves online sometime soon or soonish will there be a crash in this sort of thing? Exeter would suffer more than most.

Assuming that even when built the new coach station will not have a waiting room for over night , will the student accomodation have a cafe that could be public?

Previous post mentioned students as one option to rescue other partsd of the site but as far as I can guess this bit is being built as the only bit they think they can finance.

Comment welcome including info.

Monday, December 04, 2017

Tweets set the news agenda

In Telegraph on Friday Fraser Nelson wrote with headline that "Trump sets the agenda with Twitter. His critics keep rising to the bait".

"His aim is to have his favourite topics discussed, so the battle is fought on territory of his choosing." Fake news discussion not making much difference except to upset people.

this bit most interesting

"This enrage-and-derangebtactic is seldom used in Britain, with one notable exception" The £350m for NHS often shown to be false but holding the agenda.

Thing is, what else was in common? methods used by Brexit and Trump? Links developed with Banks and Farage. The approach to mass social media may have involved Russian bots but this has yet to be proved in USA and has hardly been reported in UK. I have asked for detail through Twitter and have been sent a link by Nana Jane , still checking this. I don't think there needs to be clear evidence on Russia, even though it now seems probable something happens. The overlap of people Trump / Brexit is clear enough.

Telegraph editorial Friday headlined "Trump bashing will get May nowhere". Seems to be more loyal to Trump than UK. My guess is that as Brexit turns out to be a fantasy the rhetoric will continue with May held to blame for bad negotiating, mixed policy or something. Meanwhile Twitter has a lot of connected retweets etc. so the "alt-right" turns up in UK. Breitbart London and Westmonster not much different. Leave UK very concerned with Trump.

UK media will eventually report on Russian bots and Brexit. I still think newspapers had clout at the time. Maybe bots were part of it as well. But now the Telegraph seems to follow themes that start online.

Not very sure about any of this. Will check tweets / news over coming weeks.

Visible Girls teenage bedroom, could it be a studio?

Scope of this blog now extended to cover radio on Phonic FM. I sometimes mention the Wild Show on Thursday and @wenotno on a Tuesday but I think this is the first post as part of the sequence. Tweets for @wenotno limited space and Wild Show Facebook page much the same for me. I still like the blog format.

There is a photo show -Visible Girls- in Phoenix till just before Xmas. Phonic studio in basement below. Some photos are updates from 80s. There is a teenage bedroom in one corner of a gallery with soundtrack from interviews.

Wednesday this week my plan is to visit maybe with JD and Chris from the Wild Show. Last week I spoke to JD about his studios in a series of bedrooms during the '70s and '80s. The audience might just be one radio at the end of a cable. Anyway, point of this post is to ask if this is ok.

Is it ok to add objects to a gallery? No damage intended to existing stuff. Just some electronics probably.

Is the project just for girls? Is it only boys who think about the bedroom as studio? Comment welcome or please join us. Plan A is Artigiano about 11.

Also if JD wants to wear the hat can I take a photo?

Monday, November 27, 2017

OU news event, moment for newspapers ahead of BETT

This post will be revised ahead of BETT ( end Jan 2018 ) and after. Please rewrite, quote, add something. Some sort of news emerges around this time. OU is making sensible claims for Futurelearn. Implication is that a change for newspapers has already happened.

( Off topic already, I am reminded of how Jeff Jarvis describes how a story leads to another one depending on feedback. Cannot find the diagram at the moment but it will turn up later.)

On the 22nd Nov Peter Horrocks lectured at Durham on the role of Distance Learning for universities. The OU website has a summary and link to the full text. What strikes me is the comparison with the situation for news organisations, especially newspapers. Horrocks previously worked in news including the BBC. He talks about the same "fortress mentality" then in news as now inside the campus.

I have been looking for some sort of "event" as news to show that Futurelearn has arrived. Also to relate a discussion on "disruption". Business Schools still seem to be outside the story for their own situation. Conversation would change when they are involved in decisions around change. So far in the UK only the OU and Futurelearn seem to make major decisions around priority for investment.

There is a fairly clear claim about Futurelean as a platform, based on an implication that newspapers face a crunch, now too late to launch something similar.

In the world of journalism in the UK, there was never a concerted effort to create a shared platform for value and quality in news content, a platform that might have provided a bulwark against US platforms. The UK HE sector is fortunate that it does have such a “best of British universities” platform in FutureLearn, because of the foresight of the OU. It surprises me how few HE policy makers and universities really grasp the strategic importance of the UK having, under university control, a platform of such strength.

Some detail on news

The speed of change in the news industry has been startling. A Pew Research Center report released earlier this month revealed that over a quarter of US adults, mainly younger, now source their news from multiple social media sites, almost double the proportion from four years ago.5 Pew Research also report that, in the five years up to 2016, advertising by digital media increased thirtyfold for mobile, more than doubled for digital, and almost halved for newspapers.

My guess is that there will be some more events soon around closure of print resources in the UK, not sure when, but the tone of this lecture is striking. Whatever the timescale for universities turns out to be, the situation for news is fairly clear at this time.

BETT started with schools but there is now much interest from HE and FE. Some of the topics in the Horrocks lecture will come up again. Including the possible reduction on costs that technology might afford. Apple no longer pays for a stand but there was a talk a couple of years ago. Futurelearn is at a point where there could be some news to draw more attention to these ideas.

So far the lecture from Durham not much reported. Cannot find anything on Twitter. News only in Times Higher Education. They concentrate on the idea of "LinkedIn Degrees". At Learning Technologies just after BETT , (Olympia in Feb ) LinkedIn  Learning will have a stand. There may be some academics who consider this sort of technical, vocational course can work online whereas the "Mode One" subjects continue as normal. Comment welcome, more in future versions of this story.

The Guardian has not recently reported much in this area. Peter Scott has stated that he will not write about the MOOC and he sticks to this. The Guardian seems to me reluctant to inform readers what it thinks is going on with print. Maybe this will change along with the thinking on unis. Connected somehow.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Exeter City Futures on Wild Show

This post is a way to link to a couple of videos. Not sure how it might relate to the rest of the blog.

Mark Jones and James Geer from Exeter City Futures will be guests on the Wild Show, Phonic FM next week, Thursday 9th November. Probably about quarter to 11.

The occasion is the upload of a video to Vimeo.

Founder’s Blog - The role of “place” in making Exeter a Sustainable City from Exeter City Futures on Vimeo.

There is also a blog post with text explanation. Mark and James work on design and social media so we may not get too much into the content. But I hope to raise some questions about how sound and video can work inside an urban space. The Phonic aerial is on top of the Phoenix building so covers a specific space.

Glen Woodcock was also at LikeMinds a few weeks ago, now on YouTube.

I did upload a bit of content from this event, there is interest in video close to the time of the publicity. But th production on this official version is excellent. On both @wenotno and Wild Show we are interested in video as   way to extend radio, and clips can work as social media.

Continues for a while, starting next week.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

How To Get Heard , expanded tweet

This is to explain a bit what I hope for with the clips on Youtube from the Music Panel during Lost Weekend. I started with just the raw files, much too long very few views. Now in clips of about 3 minutes, may be better not sure. Comments welcome especially from the panel. Assume this is ok but please say if there is anything should not be posted.

In clips it could fit with similar discussion at other places and times. The topics make sense most places on the planet.

I think music is ahead of other content in adjusting to digital. During the Long Weekend TEDxExeter looked at AI, machine learning. Probably this will replace radio as music promotion. Previously LikeMinds considered content marketing. Tech Exeter looked at how AI might work with voice, not too soon apparently as output.

The conferences and meetings may repeat next year but meanwhile can connect as clips. Links suggestions welcome.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Loop with Adobe and OmniChannel ahead of #IPEX2017

Couple of videos from The Print Show fit with other topics but not sure how. Andy Gardiner explains how to prepare InDesign files so printers will be happy. I realised it is a while since Adobe was at a print show. Video from MAX shows a different set of concerns. Presumably Postscript still accounts for some income but not for much of the promo budget.

Meanwhile I have found an Adobe guide to OmniChannel. Still do not understand it properly but will continue to check it out. At the Print Show there was still interest in "Cross Media" , from EFI for example, but I cannot find anything like Cross Media Production linked to IPEX 2017. Gee Ranashina ( @KEXINO ) commented on my LinkedIn post to suggest that OmniChannel is in wider use as a term than Cross Media. It could just be that OmniChannel is used by people in marketing, Cross Media still by printers. ( I will try another LinkedIn post when I can imagine how Omnichannel actually works)

At LikeMinds in Exeter I started thinking about this when Jason Miller from LinkedIn spoke about a print magazine as support for blog posts on LinkedIn marketing. This is "cross media" or whatever an online marketing person will call it. At the Print show John Heffernan spoke but LinkedIn as part of a print sales approach. Comment welcome on either video or both.

The Print Show was solid as a UK annual show. It can continue without a lot of product launches. Man Roland Sheetfed was there with a small stand to just meet people and support normal turnover. I gathered that setting up machines takes several weeks so a show needs to be 10 days or so to make this valid. Maybe 3 on the planet. I cannot see IPEX continuing as global in the same sort of way but there is scope for discussion on what print relates to. More later on how this works out, too early to tell at the moment.

Meanwhile much appearing from Adobe MAX, must relate to print somehow. Time warp anyone?

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Notes for Exepose Comment

At the music day during Lost Weekend I met people from Exepose, the Exeter student paper. They suggested I contact Comment for them to develop something. I put the notes in this blog to connect with other topics.

News in Exeter includes that the building of shops / new bus and coach station has stopped. about £100m missing from the sums. Is a swimming bath now too much for a local authority? Has Exeter got enough cafes and shops?

My guess is the solution may include more student accommodation. There is a lot of it. Problem is the balance of the city. Not a centre with suburban dwellings, a booming campus economy with dorms where the theatre used to be. Why not include some study resources in any new development?

Meanwhile the College is doing more around degree level, also with a focus more on vocational and tech. Includes media. So maybe some resources that the public could use? Is there any fit possible? Could be another university with a different focus. Music now seems to be College courses with uni buildings and piano.

Also if everything is on hold why not rethink the waiting room for coach station? Plan seems to be to demolish current one then people wait in street. There are coaches, to Heathrow for example, during the night. Would a 24 hour cafe get some support? Exeter has got a departure lounge but it is in the wrong place.