Monday, November 05, 2018

Futurelearn funding smaller scale compared to Coursera

Couple of posts in MoocReport on Class Central. Quotes news in Financial Times, Futurelearn is trying to raise £40m with the OU contributing £10m. Meanwhile Coursera is reported in Forbes to expect 2018 revenues of $140m . This qualifies as a Unicorn, billion dollar valuation claimed since 2015 according to some estimates.

So previous blog posts on Futurelearn in global top 5 need revision. There is clearly a USA scene about to be clearly viable, and one UK possibility somewhere on the edge. (Lots of others also, I am keeping this simple for UK audience.

Still hard to find updates from Twitter on what the OU intends as support for Futurelearn. Getting rid of Peter Horrocks seems to have settled things such that there is not much more to say.

According to Class Central the last investment from OU in FutureLearn was £15 in 2015.

My rave mode is not ignoring the problems for the OU but it may soon become more obvious where the developments are happening.

Expect some discussion early next year around BETT and Learning Technologies.

Plan for the week

Not sure how much of this can be on radio, will find out on Thursday. Rave mode on blog may not suit day time OFCOM guidelines. Not sure. Also may borrow bits of BBC podcast. Just uploaded two

I think I can use these two on Thursday. The drama hour can ramble into Brexit as the Storyteller is away in France. I am sitting in so can explain some of what he thinks. Or my guess anyway.

Meanwhile local MP Ben Bradshaw is concerned about possible blocking by Theresa May of investigation into #Banks  Reported in Daily Mail and Guardian. There is a clip from Channel 4 on Twitter, so far only this on YouTube. May reach #BBC by Thursday.  Thing is, so far mostly on Twitter.

The @wenotno show is now every other Wednesday, not this one, so will meet for coffee instead and also plan Thursday. 

Guests will be the Rushes. Not sure how much they will tell us about new music. So may need to repeat some clips over next few weeks.

Sometime this week a Facebook concert from Anna Marie Waite. Will promote / borrow a clip depending on when.

More later, blog around radio.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Podcast, video , radio

A development in BBC take on radio. As reported in Guardian there is a move to podcasts, mostly aimed at people aged under 35. So far not much mention of video, though Radio 1 spoke a lot about "visual radio" when visiting Exeter a couple of years ago.

“If we don’t do anything over the next 10 years you’ll have a two-speed BBC radio audience,” says James Purnell, the man tasked with turning this around. “People who’d grown up with it and people who didn’t.”

Not sure what this means. Seems the radio audience will be mostly listening on something else. There will be people in ten years time who have not listened much to FM, my guess.

Other guess well possible. I am 70 so way outside the target. Recently managed to sign up for a unique ID on iPlayer. So far just means I get adverts for Dr Who before I can watch the Papers review. Never used to happen. I watch Dr Who anyway.

Meanwhile Phonic FM may be doing more with podcasts, YouTube or whatever. I am coming in early for the Wild Show on a Thursday morning so cover the Drama Hour. The Storyteller is in France for a couple of months but is uploading to YouTube so I can play the sound. Probably next week for the latest as I have found Deep Impact in backlist , this fits better with ambient electronica, important this week to promote Phonic benefit.

Experiments continue around the #AmbientElectronica tag. I will try to video something but phone clips will also appear. Also content may turn up in another place or from another time.

cue radiophonic workshop


Mode 1 knowledge again , hello @charlesmenzies @arichardson_phi

Things get lost on Twitter, there is much stuff all the time so here is another go at finding Charles Menzies and Alan Richardson. This started with a slide on Mode1 and Mode2 knowledge and a comment that I can no longer find.

It may be that there is another definition of Mode 1 that is still in use. My impression is that the flow of publications has stopped in recent years. Not sure when or why. I am trying to catch up on what academics make of things ahead of an event mixing theory and practice. More on this later.

Meanwhile, what is meant recently when academics describe something as Mode 1 knowledge ?

Couple of tweets as clues maybe. There is some form of knowledge outside the campus that is not quite right.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Lancaster Spine, Mode One Knowledge, ISO 9000 again

Video now uploaded from walk along Spine on Lancaster Campus. Almost complete so could be used as location for a walk with stops for discussion.

Next Spring could be a time for a walk and / or other events. Sunshine required for video to work, no budget for lighting. Also there can be wind and rain, hard to predict. Meanwhile green screen possible.

I have started to look back on some topics through Twitter, starting with  knowledge in Mode 1 and Mode 2 . Have found a few links including my own from previously, this from Cloudworks.

From this one I am not sure how the terms are being used.

There was a comment I cannot find at the moment from Alan Richardson. Hope to find more soon.

I cannot find much recent on this but guess similar discussion continues about knowledge, maybe not using Mode 1 and Mode 2 as terms. The campus is part of this as compared to online. How to blend? The university has some problem situations to sort out so is not outside Mode 2. I follow Peter Scott in the Guardian on education. Recently there is not much about the MOOC except to place it as mostly coming from a commercial base. How to describe this? Any links please.

Previously at Lancaster I have spoken about ISO 9000 and there is an event about this in December at the CQI in London. Now fully booked but I expect topics to continue early next year. The morning will be on Deming and leadership, the afternoon on statistical techniques. There may not be time for much psychology so aspects around management learning could need more time.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Blended Reality in Kendal

Comics continue year round. Kendal strong on graphics anyway.

Blended Reality in Lancaster

My reality seems to be headed online around possible chat shows or ways of linking bits of video. Still mostly in Exeter but trade shows exist more outside time of actual display.

There may be other face to face events connected to Lancaster during the next year or so but main news is that the Spine is mostly completed. Just a stretch near Engineering still to do. so this is a location for more academic content. ( compares with city centre anyway, still a mix) More later, just catching up.

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Kendal Comics

Will look for shows in the Museum and the College nearby.

Brewery Arts Centre has no radio as in Phonic FM at Phoenix in Exeter. Possible study of how this works for sound. There are podcasts but not sure how to find them.

Blended Reality

Heard about this through HP at Print Show. Still making sense, maybe as I spend time both in Kendal and Exeter. I have a virtual awareness of both places. Also London and other places and times. Events such as trade shows also in mind. ( Still not much idea about Birmingham though, the NEC is on a loop round the outside, that is about all I know).

From Kendal on M6 to Lancaster park and ride to campus. Still the location for how to think about tech and learning. Walk from InfoLab to Management to Library square to Arts. Recently finding similar spaces in Exeter. The city centre was site for Like Minds, using several cafes etc for meetings between the presentations. I still check out the campus some times but it seems distant. St Lukes used to study Telematics but I have lost track of what they do.

So some video to show routes in Exeter, will try them again over next few months.

Cafe 55 not part of the official LikeMinds event but very close to the church that doubles as a conference centre. Meeting topics include radio, Wild Show with Chris Norton for example. More on this later.

Like Minds included mention of a Digital Marketing University. Launch in India fairly soon, UK later. So for UK probably not in any particular place.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

LinkedIn as Video at #LikeMinds Exeter

Notes for post on LinkedIn maybe next week. I did  a few posts but not in a regular enough way to build an audience. Last week at the Print Show I discovered LinkedIn may hide posts that do not not get massive hits in the first few hours. Maybe this is why there is so much stuff, often not that new in content. This blog only happens when there is something going on.

Anyway the good news is that I can now upload video to LinkedIn from desktop. Even though i have less than 500 followers. So I think I will check out what I have on YouTube and do a retro reboot on a planned release schedule. Not sure, will ask at Like Minds, event in Exeter this Thursday and Friday.

When Radio 1 were in Exeter for Big weekend they told us about "visual radio" , the Live Lounge and soforth. Might as well make video as just radio. Sadly the lighting in Phonic FM studio is a bit of a problem for video but it turns out recent phones can compensate. Tests possible.

Meanwhile will try for sound relating to LikeMinds. @wenotno today 10 - 12. Wild Show tomorrow, search on Facebook. also 10 - 12 , will try to phone in around coffee time. 10 - 10.45

The event will be live streamed and video available later. Possibly the radio shows will make more sense later as well. Is there a model for making content available online? Is it viable for a conference /  music project?

There will be a workshop at the Phoenix about LinkedIn over lunch both Thur and Fri. I will probably be in Cafe 55 some of lunchtime to meet presenters from Wild Show. Can meet around this time, even if you are not part of the event. Not checking mobile phone though.

One question, will LinkedIn accept lower production standards if the content is interesting? YouTube has gone way up the production values scale. Can you just talk to your phone?

Also, at the Print Show it was fairly clear that LinkedIn can be about sales and a lot of talk about filters / selection. Suggestion to think about 100 or 150 people that could be met face to face.  So maybe my stats on YouTube are ok as they are.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Print / social media in Exeter , week of Like Minds

Next week on Thursday and Friday the Like Minds conference will be in Exeter. They did move away a couple of times but there is a continuing contact with this take on social media. Emphasis on business and advertising but music and events usually included.

I will try to find out more on how to mix print and social media around music / sound. Recently the Exeter Street Arts Festival included a #tag on print posters to link to Twitter and a Spotify playlist. Also a QR code for the playlist. Some posters do not include any #tags or codes so this is still something to discuss. I will try to find example content for some actual events.

Can try things out with the Lost Playlist. the Lost Weekend is definitely lost for this year so the playlist is imagined. Tech for the platform is not specified. Content still unknown. So should be easy to discuss.

I will get some content together for shows on Phonic FM. Tuesday 12 -2 in morning , Wed 10 -12 , maybe some of Thur 10-12. Not sure how this will work out. Please send links to sound clips.

Print Show 20018 definitely fits with Social Media

Just notes here, plan a longer post next week.

The Print Show at the NEC last week definitely showed print and social media together. The seminars included two on LinkedIn. I did some video and will upload soon. Print sales start with LinkedIn so no objections to social media as might have been at previous events.

There was some classic letterpress but almost no litho. Digital is mainstream. Now that IPEX has gone the Print Show can be an annual event for digital developments. There is still drupa for larger litho and some digital. so hard to work out what is happening with UK industry altogether. Probably still lots of litho but for the show a digital discussion is now possible.