Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Laurence Jones in Exeter - Case Study in Content Marketing

Laurence Jones returns to Exeter Phoenix next Sunday as headline following support for Vintage Trouble in May. There were about 80 tickets available yesterday. Plus some extra if the top balcony is opened. I contribute to the We Don't Know show on Phonic FM today 12 -2 and also the Wild show on Thursday 10 -12. Video from the May performance is now on YouTube.

So the plan is to promote the event through the radio and the associated video. Last year Radio 1 Academy was at the Phoenix and told us about "visual radio", the Live Lounge etc. Phonic FM has not even got a webcam but mentions of YouTube etc. are possible and also @wenotno on Twitter, Facebook page for Wild Show.

Phonic FM is a fairly small community radio station, aerial is on top of the Phoenix building and reaches an area around it. Views on YouTube may be under 100 in the time available. But we need to reach the right 80 or 100 people. ( opening up the balcony may also help future video as a possible camera angle )

More about content marketing later. Simply put, one theory is that there has to be content.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Trade issue reported but not much

Twitter has a clip from Today on Brexit but they have not chosen the bit where Angela Rayner mentions priority for tariff free access to the market. John Humphries queries how this can happen but there is no background on how EU may see free movement of goods and people as connected. EU speaker cut off yesterday because of the weather but surely the Today planners could find time to explain?

On Sky / Channel4  last night Jeremy Corbyn said " the priority is tariff free trade access". I cannot find this today in the print Guardian although they do report him at length. My guess is that the Guardian has been supporting LibDems as a way to contest Brexit but this has had a mixed response. Looking at what Labour would actually negotiate could have more potential. They might say more if they thought they would be fairly reported. So far Andrew Neil and Jeremy Paxman have concentrated on immigration in their questions.

Humphries shares a concern that the electorate is being "infantilised" by the absence of information on what Brexit negotiations are about. My guess is that this will be remembered or discovered if the consequences turn out to be difficult. So far the UK media has missed a lot as far as I can tell. Contrary evidence welcome. there are still a few days.

Monday, May 29, 2017

word cloud as three sound clips

Previous versions of Hello spiders had a graphic of a word cloud. Something like quality, learning, communication. The three things fir together. I started on this working on ISO9000 in print industry, then wanted to know why learning failed to happen. or at least quite slow.

Since this is linked to a  pinned  tweet you may wonder why there are so many tweets on #Corbyn and #Brexit. This may be a temp thing but has continued since the referendum. I have found the media take on #Corbyn to be shocking, still is. Recently I notice that social media are a large part of the election, especially with younger people. Could link to the main themes of the blog, too early to know but something is going on, not sure of scale or timing.

Recently I work mostly with radio, more advanced in streaming and breaking content into clips. Text publishing could be similar sometime soon. Three recent clips are a base for future links, some as sound, some as text.

Design Science DJ

My colleague JD continues to doubt my proposals but we still score well if you search for Design Science DJ on YouTube

MOCC pronounced MOK

I hope to do a draft report / story about this, maybe a finished up one in time for BETT 2018

Studio in cloud run by robots

Going more with speculation / imagination. Actual studio to follow later.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Improvement Circle meeting promo as an improvement loop

Blog post to collect some things together. I am trying out video and hashtags as promo for a meeting on June 1 at the CQI in London. I have an interest in social media and video. So far mixed results on getting resources for video production.

Should any meetings space also have the basics for a studio? Tripods hard to carry if going to London for the day. Sound mixing can help, at least a feed from a desk. Soforth.

So I have started with a quick video via Adobe Spark. Much more complex presenytations are possible. the download can be edited with other clips. Also a playlist on YouTube

Also a #hashtag for Twitter - #improvementcircle

Guess is there will be more video found with the same tag during May and June. Suggestions are welcome.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Video production as a learning loop

Title just seems best available for update on my situation.

There is a day event coming up at the CQI in London. Organised by two special interest groups - Edwards Deming and the Next Generation. There is still power in face to face but I want to explore how online relates to this, for example as promotion ahead of one event or as a draft of the next one.

Previously I have tried to do video from quality meetings, some at the CQI, and found that there are several issues. Some people are not relaxed with casual recording. The production standards are supposed to be better than most YouTube style ( this is a bit outdated now, there are many well produced clips that are still casual conversation) although there is a limited budget.

So my current idea is to look for existing video that relates to the event, then take at least one camera. No tripod as harder to carry. Maybe the CQI could invest in a tripod ot there is one not far away.

I am also thinking about #BadBlood , tag for a performance mixing myth and Taylor Swift. Started on Valentines evening with one repeat so far. My YouTube playlist can mix in full tracks from Taylor Swift without any copyright issues. Analytics show views now dropping off but the view time is over 30 min. I have done several video clips of the Cartwheels Collective in various guises, never getting the sound and camera quite as I hope for it to be another time. But maybe getting closer and the teepee will soon be looked out for the summer so at least the lighting may be sorted.

#BadBlood also exists as radio, in the slot before the Wild Show on @PhonicFM. So I get to meet the Storyteller and may take over the slot when he is on tour. Not sure of the dates yet or how much of the Wild Show I can take for chat. should be mostly music.

Suggest #improvementcycle as a tag for this event. Just done a search on Twitter, nothing since March and what turns up is relevant.

Suggestions welcome for video to include in a playlist.

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Reference content on Lancaster campus as a location for video chat

This post is to link to some photos following visit to Lancaster last week. The main news is that the Making Time Garden has been demolished. Part of the project to upgrade the Spine. This  has destroyed the site as a real place in my head. I can no longer imagine my next visit to the garden. It has to be working on text or mixing photos. Also the people working on the site confirmed that the complete date is sometime next year not the end of this. So I am getting ready for quite a long time to prepare a script or related clips before a chat show / set of interviews / presentations as a walk along the spine.

Meanwhile, the video as uploaded at the time

A map based on panorama from photos ( scale may wobble a bit but shows the walk )

A graphic that could be a printed page with extra detail. For new readers, start with tech vision, critique at business school, check in public space ( near Costa for example ) This first part is still possible during Spine work. Sites towards InfoLab21 and near tree outside Management School with space for recording in daylight. The problem now is the South Spine to discuss the implications. Apparently the Making time Garden will be replaced so more on this later.

Photos of each space

Near InfoLab 21

Tree near Management School

Demolish Making Time Garden

Pods near Arts building

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Draft ahead of next Wild Show / some chat on @wenotno

Chris Norton is away on jury service so me and JD are extending our talk on a Thursday to last beyond 10.30 and towards 12. Last week we repeated a clip from guest Joseph Parsons as he is on another UK tour. This coming week we hope to persuade the Storyteller to stay maybe 15 minutes after the Drama Hour show.

Previously he did an evening performance as part of Management Theory at Work in Radio, a day conference at the Bike Shed Theatre two summers ago. This covered critique and how academics relate to management projects, digital disruption for example. What I want to discuss is how much has changed meanwhile and whether the positioning of the performance should also change.

I think about various sequences:-

  •  The layout of the book about the Learning Company , 
  •  the programme for the first two conferences Management Theory at Work 
  •  the social media version to relaunch another conference ( nothing so far) - #mtw3
  •  versions of Management Theory at Work in Radio - #mtwr

going into reverse,  #mtwr is now a collection of sound clips that could take a day, could be explained in 30 minutes with brief extracts. Central case study actual problem of how FM radio adjusts to social media, starting with music and including news / chat shows. ( Radio 1 Academy in Hull soon, continues from Devon in 2016)

The Standup Philosopher performance at #mtwr covered issues from the Critical Management Studies aspect of the first actual conference. Chris Grey concluding keynote challenged why academics would get involved in practice anyway, let alone check out technology and the learning company. This should be at the beginning so people can choose to go home or go to another meeting.

The Learning Company book has not been revised to relate to recent social learning developments. There could be playlists on YouTube and other platforms exploring developments from previous versions until a new print version appears.

As video ( or visual radio as Radio 1 call it ) the Lancaster campus is the basis of a straight line with variation in set. Can start with  tech vision at Info Lab 21 , then to critique at Management School, then to Alexanderplatz to check bookshop / library / cafe wi-fi actual situation. The towards arts and humanities for further comment. As of 2017 it seems there has already been substantial change in this central space ( recording will wait anyway till later in the year when the spine is renovated, currently a building site ). So the focus of the drama may have moved into the social science / humanities space towards the arts.

I have done the basis of a sequence around voice computer interfaces and AI. This has links at different locations. Will be updated, mostly the critique phase.

There is a garden ( generating time as first intended) with a balcony that could work as a stage. The sound from the Bike shed Theatre was not too good but the lighting was ok. Recently Bad Blood was ok from the Workshop space in the Phoenix. May try something out and / or use a green screen to transfer to Lancaster later. Not sure. Depends on what any of this would fit with.

At a recent writing workshop in Cumbria I was shown how chance can be worked into a plot. Stock elements of story can be mixed by throwing dice. So if there is a tech vision at the InfoLab 21 end, say a 50% chance it gets past the management school in a form still recognised. But only 25% chance of welcome in the Arts / Soc Sci end even though it may seem to have already happened in the central space. Move the drama along as best fits on any occasion.

Meanwhile in Exeter the Wild Show / @wenotno also considers the urban space around the Phonic FM studio. seems to be like a pizza slice , quarter of a circle starting from North Street and High Street with the Museum nad related buildings in the middle. This is another set, background for chat. but also the reality can be reported. Recently Tubers ( just outside the space across a car park) offers a Youtube Academy. Aimed at young future stars so the business model cannot yet be fully tested. The studio can be hired on a day rate so open to productions as well as being a significant development. Interviews could just ask about how people respond and think differently about online video.

Getting back to next week, my guess is that Jon on @wenotno may think that things have already changed a lot, he prefers the phone to the CD as a source of music tracks. JD on thursday may prefer the reality of Pizza Slice Exeter to forms of fiction or speculation. Comment welcome ahead of the shows and updates later to this blog.