Thursday, January 05, 2006


This is to test the blog feature on Writely

2006 check of how things are

On PDF 1 there is a lot of progress, maybe still not obvious in the printing industry.

I say "PDF 1" as there may be a "PDF 2" as a container for other media, a sort of DVD equivalent.

The move of 'classic publishing' to India suggests that people in northern California are not that interested in the original Postscript / PDF project. Both are open formats as far as makes little difference. Maybe the support for them is distributed also.

JDF is just one example of XML for organisations. I think print service providers can relate to this as well as any other industry.

Adobe emphasis on Flash for mobile devices shows how fast things are moving. Print industry needs to move on JDF to offer a comparable value.

Pre-press functionality to offer PDF-X and start a JDF could be widely available.

Open Source alternatives are working ok for Open Office and Scribus. Scribus seems to offer most of what was standard a few years back.

So Acrobat Services, WWWatford websites can be updated as obvious.