Sunday, January 17, 2016

Futurelearn ahead of BETT

This post is to add some notes to a Pulse post on LinkedIn. I think the Cloud has arrived and Futurelearn is doing better on a global basis than is reported in the UK. Several brands on the Cloud are not at BETT (Apple , Adobe for example) and Futurelearn may have a similar take on UK trade shows. Meanwhile the MOOC is still not widely reported, at least as far as I can guess based on reading the Guardian.

Now found a bit more info. A press release shows there is continuing investment from the OU ( closures of UK support sites had much more reporting I think) and mentions the  "extra support for learners whose first language is not English" and also "the success of its pioneering social learning approach, with over 40% of learners on FutureLearn courses socially active and many more learning vicariously from observing others’ conversations".

A couple of years ago I tried to get into one of the talks by the OU as part of the HE stream at BETT. My impression is that this stream is very closed down. One theory is that education practice follows research, Another theory is that universities eventually catch up with what students do anyway - mobile devices and soforth. Anyway, I hope the university strand at BETT will be a bit more transparent.

Futurelearn will get some attention before 2016 closes, my prediction.

Also on the press release a quote from Universities and Science Minister, Jo Johnson MP -

“Technology has transformed almost every aspect of our lives and online learning presents a real opportunity to inspire and engage students. The UK has a world class higher education system and it’s great to see the UK also showing leadership in the development of online learning. The next phase of this exciting evolution promises to deliver a more engaging learning experience for students as well as economic benefits for the UK’s successful education sector.”

Not sure if BIZ will be there or be heard.