Thursday, October 30, 2008

sorry about this repeating things
not sure if this will turn up on multiply automatically
The blog import feature on Multiply is working well. Not sure they found everything but my various Blogger sites have now all been merged in date order
Have started a site at Multipy, home for the Deming Forum India.

The claim is that all my Blogger posts will be copied there as well. This could aid coherence.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Eurekster check from yesterday ahead of another visit to LifeBytes. Previously I posted on the wifiExeter blog about a meeting at Life Bytes. It turns out that these meetings follow on over several visits so I am not announcing a precise time for an updated version. Sometime after Nov 5th I will be on holiday for a couple of weeks but if you want to meet in real time / space probably I will be near LifeBytes every other day. Opposite the Odeon on Sidwell Street, Exeter.

Main conclusion so far is that the ePub format has potential both for commercial publishing and the creative commons. So I feel it is ok to work with both.

Something else I realised is that I had forgotten about this blog. It really is the best place for integration. I tend to wander all over the place. If in doubt, start a new blog. Well, the new policy will be to think about whether a link here would be a better move.

Slide one shows the main words from previous presentation, grouped as "corporate" and "collaboration". Maybe these work together or people can choose which end to start with.

Slide two shows where the swickis fit in

(reminder, a swicki is a sort of search engine with some aspects of a wicki, why Eurekster is not better known is a mystery for another time)

WWWatford Swicki

acrobat drupa ipex jdf job definition format open document open document format pdf postscript print wwwatford xml

animX Swicki

animation animxtra CGI demoscene download DVD podcasting scene streaming media video

Learn 9 Swicki

collective intelligence Enterprise 2.0 Enterprise Social Software knowledge knowledge economy leadership Lean manufacturing learning organisation learning organizationsx Office 2.0 organisation organizational management quality assurance soft systems

Ubiquity Swicki

3G digital photography Korea mobility network online bookstores Psand ubiquitous ubiquity voip wi-fi wimax wireless

Citizen Journalism in Web 2 Swicki

blogs citizen journalism digital media participatory media social networks we media web web

Anti-Performativity Swicki

anti-performativity CMS Critical Management Studies Critique Foucault Habermas Performativity

ITC Swicki
co-op co-operative collective common ownership commune coop creative commons creativity dotcoop itc mutualism open source right livelihood syndicalism