Sunday, December 18, 2016

Draft Stories for BETT

These stories will be worked on during Jan as YouTube clips, more blog posts, chat on Phonic FM. There may not be much clarity even during or soon after BETT. Links welcome with related content, this is a cumulative process...

Video links below, starts with just text.

Voice as computer interface. Google will be there, also Microsoft. Not Amazon or official Apple. The Apple fans may contribute. Topic can start in the area for Special Educational Needs where a voice interface has been supported for a while.

Return of Adobe. There is an Adobe stand and Ben Forta @benforta has tweeted that he will be there. Products likely to include Spark, cloud based software for quick clips. I have tried out the video one, used to be called Voice. Could link to topic one.

HE and FE may be changing policy based on MOOC technology / developments such as badges and income. The conferences are not open but Futurelearn has been part of BETT Futures so some info may appear.  Is it just the OU making a move? Look out for gossip if there is no formal news. My take is that the MOOC has been going on for a while now, surely some of the students know about this sort of thing while working out where to study?

The STEAM area was hard to follow last year. Art as well as Science Tech Engineering and Medicine but it was not easy to identify in the STEAM area. Clues please so we can plan ahead.

I will be working with Jon Mahy from @wenotno and Chris Norton from the Wild Show. Both on Phonic FM. With JD I am exploring the local area including Albert Space West , around the Royal Albert Memorial Museum. This could relate to the art in STEAM, as in the College and University.

We are also looking at radio / media offers. btw has Toshiba Radio found a new home yet? Used to be BETT Radio. Last year only place for vinyl. This sort of thing must continue.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Education assuming limited Guardian reporting

Recent post on Read G blog has guess that Guardian will stop print version Monday to Friday sometime soon, possibly 2017.

Already the extra pages for media and education are getting fewer. Education still better, media can be just one interview.

But I find there is little education reporting on the MOOC or related technology. Maybe this is related to the issues around print journalism and how to adjust online.

Peter Scott has written that he decided not to write about the MOOC and he sticks to this strictly. Even the recent problems around Brexit and isolation of UK research have not been enough for him to consider some online presence to get round the visa problems.

What was Mode One and Mode Two about? Some sort of knowledge but also some sort of learning. My guess is that there is a lot going on outside of the formal education system. I am trying to keep an open mind ahead of the BETT and Learning Technology shows end of Jan / early Feb. So maybe more theory links in 2017.

News items could include commercial decisions by universities. The OU continues to invest in FutureLearn though other UK investment is in the bricks / campus. As far as I can tell. Learning Technologies last year no Adult Education from Cambridge. seems not this year either. Has this all folded? Something continues online, adults do not stop learning. It may be written up in social media forms with various degrees of credibility.

At BETT, HE and FE conferences are hard to get access to so hard to tell what they cover. FutureLearn may turn up as part of BETT Futures, very open space.

Any links welcome, this is a cumulative story. Includes @guardian of course.

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Video tests through BETT and Learning Technologies

Examples follow of previous video. I am trying out new possibilities ahead of BETT and LT at the end of Jan / early Feb. I still cannot work out how to launch the new channels - RGB2 and management theory in radio - on YouTube so continue with my own one. The aim is to get to a higher level of production values and some paid subscriptions to avoid advertising but so far Red has not been launched in the UK.

As background I am trying to keep an open mind about learning ; there will be enough about theory around BETT. I still think design science is interesting as a route towards quality and systems but this is a bit stuck in my conversations with JD. We remain the top YouTube search result for "design science" and DJ. But still limited response so JD usually moves the conversation back to the beginning. This could change if the same ideas crop up somewhere else. In theory any DJ could and should be a design science DJ.

So main thing is to work on video as a form of communication and come back to others later. Radio 1 Academy was in Exeter earlier this year and they talk about visual radio. Maybe this is a low level of production so I am not sure where the levels are. What sort of kit could get similar results from the Phoenix building ? ( not sure what was in the large van parked outside)

Another thing I notice is that on social media there is a lot of video on Facebook or Google hangouts or similar that is apparently cheap to produce but is making some impression on the assumed YouTube video claim to be a starting point. Not sure how this will work out, maybe the whole scene expands and there is still a subscription model as part of this.

So various directions to test. I have got a new desktop with Windows 10 and the latest Premiere Elements ( previously Windows 7 and about four releases back) so there is a short gap while I learn the differences and then it should be a bit better. Seems to cope with multiple tracks so edit is more possible.

The examples below are to show how different styles can work. I think social media is suited to quite a casual approach but there seems to be a trend towards more formal styles as well. Not sure how to navigate around this. Could be discussion about how conversation works, or some reliable resource on another production level.

This one as had a lot of views ( for me anyway compared to others ) mostly because of the content. No external mic so sound is not ideal. Handheld camera so wobbly, but it works overall on some level

This one part of a day out from Phonic Studio to the library next door. Chat in cafe over a coffee is still rare, could happen at conferences but they tend to be formal.

One from BETT last year, this worked ok. Why not just record as part of a trade show visit or anywhere else?

Friday, November 18, 2016

Casual take on university conversations and subjects, text ahead of video

Thinking about the video in the previous post I realise that video around conferences is getting more difficult. A few years ago some casual recording was possible but it seems there is more concern recently to control what appears. There is better production on YouTube etc but much of it equates to broadcast mode, not so much conversation or readiness to consider questions.

So improved production resources may not help. Maybe phone cameras for Facebook or Twitter will do just as well as YouTube.

Another thing is that I have lost track of what the subject area is. I started trying to do social media for an update to Management Theory at Work. The Lancaster campus was a location. Tech claims at the InfoLab 21 cafe, then the Business School for critique, then Alexanderplatz to connect with the wider world. Such a version of a chat show requires some preparation so I have tended to rely instead on playlists , taking content from other sources and mixing together.

The Networked Learning conference started in the Management building but has now moved to Education. Management Theory at Work included a keynote on how information technology changed the situation of a learning company. so I have seen the subject areas as muddled up anyway.

In Exeter, a walk with stops for recording short video clips could start on campus at the Innovation Centre, then cafe at Business School, then the city centre is not too far away. St Lukes is a good site for education topics, Lancaster a bit hidden away as a backdrop.

(See previous post for use of green screen etc. This sort of script for a walk is just a way to link segments. Can fit in any suitable clips but actual locations do contribute)

I have found the Disruption Innovation Festival through the One Planet MBA, sponsors of Tech Exeter. They made the space available for a recent conference.  Next Tuesday there is a day for HE. My guess is that the university itself is open to disruption. So this could be part of the discussion. So far the academics sem to come from a stable base for observation. My question is when the switch will come away from investing in buildings towards more online resource.

Back to video sometime next year. Bits of text meanwhile. There are links to video in previous posts, I will try to revise this over the next week.  

Video can be casual

My own news is an update in my Windows device. Still feel ok with a desktop and have a bought a new Windows 10 HP with Premiere Elements 14 rather than 9 on 7 previously. So far sort of ok. It copes with the render and shows the effect of an edit quite quickly. Previous device a bit slow but it was full, still is until copy and delete creates some space.

So these two from during this week. I have been meeting with JD to explore how to record in cafes and street. Still the way forward for social media as visual radio. But on thursday Chris showed us how to do Live on Facebook. I do not know how to download from FB so have just recoded some of it on camera. Not very accurate so not really piracy. You should find the original through chris Norton on Facebook.

So I should be able to do better video and launch the channels for #mtwr and #RGB2 . But meanwhile I am discovering that a lower production level seems ok for Facebook and also Twitter. Instant feed from phone camera is reasonably well regarded. So I will try some of this as well.

Need to go in both directions. Chat as in casual repeating same points as last time with maybe some occasional changes. But also trying for a better definition / edit, something that will last longer.

Next post for how this relates to the content.

Monday, November 07, 2016

Tech Monthly starts this Thursday on Phonic FM 1600 -1700

There is a new monthly show on Phonic FM based around Tech Exeter, a meetup social space that recently held a conference at the Business School. I may know more before or during the @wenotno show on Tuesday and/or Wild Show on Thursday morning.

My current tech question is what form a studio can take? Phone in open air records sound and video ok. Phonic studio ok for sound but lighting is an issue.

Exeter City Futures were one of the sponsors for the conference. As reported in the Express and Echo they have ideas about a Tech Hub at the BHS space. How would this work as  a studio? Somewhere to store a tripod? A wall painted green or blue? OK these tech ideas are fairly low level but would be a start. Meeting for coffee Wed morning ish may visit BHS to check out the dimensions.

The Business School, another sponsor, could also be a form of studio. In the presentation space the built in camera faced the audience. Not sure how this works. My guess is that as education moves online there could be as much investment in forms of studio as in iconic buildings.

Maybe more poists during the week but maybe better to follow @wenotno on Twitter and / or Wild Show on Facebook.

Creative Commons as in Unexpected Exeter 2016

This blog post is ahead of radio shows this week and a sort of planning meeting on a Wednesday. Last week I met with JD and we did a very short video in Bedford Square about nothing much happening. Loaded to YouTube with Creative Commons licence. Later I uploaded two clips from the Unexpected event, one Creative Commons and one standard YouTube licence so far. Not sure what most people think, including Exeter City Council and others.

Playlist also includes other video. Can work as a sequence but an edit might be a benefit. YouTube now has stopped showing Remix button but choice is available through the edit screen. So go to bottom of playlist for more guidance and also comment on Creative Commons from Joanne Jacobs and Cllr Paul Bull.

Meanwhile I have spoken to the Standup Philosopher also known as the storyteller about the Creative Commons choice on clips from #Widseth&Deor in #HouseOnHauntedHill . Still ok so I am proposing to make this explicit. The next time there is an academic conference a performance around philosophy could be announced with explicit Creative Commons permissions. I think this would work well as Content Marketing.

So I may assume Creative Commons is ok so far and then push it a bit. Any comment welcome.

So plan for the week is to continue chat on @wenotno Tuesday, chat to JD Wednesday and then Wild Show Thursday with a quick check from storyteller that Creative Commons is still ok.

We may not get a long considered policy statement from Exeter City Council but then again there may not be a cease and desist order either.

However JD may have some issues with his image rights. To be continued.

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Nothing Unexpected in Exeter on Wednesday

We may have missed it but here is a report by JD from Exeter City Centre just after 1pm on Wednesday. I had thought there might be something Unexpected. Maybe it was somewhere else or maybe it was postponed because of the fire and limitations on space.

Our main point was to try out Creative Commons for sound and vision based on public art. Previously it has sometimes turned out that some sounds involve copyright music. Possibly the organisers can avoid this and even make it clear that all content is on a Creative Commons basis.

Continues on Wild Show tomorrow on Phonic FM and probably also @wenotno next week.

What do other media make of this sort of thing? Can all content be in a mix? Public phone content is used by newspapers and TV but can any tweet be reused in any way? Any views welcome.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Creative Commons, Content Marketing, House On Haunted Hill , Unexpected in Exeter?

This is a short note, expanded tweet. More later but concentrating now on weekend and some edits and getting ready for actual Halloween on Monday. Have just uploaded playlist of sound clips for the Fall of the House of Usher as broadcast on Thursday. Not many views so far but the idea of using clips from the radio to promote live theatre seems sound and is ok with Widseth and Deor. Also they are both ok with the Creative Commons choice on the YouTube permissions.

So the REMIX button is available. My plan is to use the sound from radio studio and some visuals, video and/or stills from the actual event. It is just possible that the sound will be ok but probably better YouTube result from forget about sync approach.

So this et me thinking about the Unexpected. An evening around the Exeter Quay with a bonfire and much else. Some historic graphics. Some sounds, possibly with copyright material or just some old folk tunes. Is it all Creative Commons by default? Is there an Exeter City Council policy?

Anyway it could be ok to mix sound and vision from various sources. Any guidance, suggestioons welcome. First try to get a result from the Phoenix Voodoo Lounge.

Monday evening about 8 but as you cannot book a ticket suggest arriving early. Please bring a camera also, more choices the better for the final edit.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

#HouseOnHauntedHill Best Ever Content Marketing Offer

Expanded tweet sort of post. More later, just a bit tired uploading loads of clips and sorting out titles.

Still not sure how to move to another level for performance and music video. Somehow there must be a level of production that works as promotion. Enough to fund a better budget for the next video. Or at least get more interest in using the #tags on social media.

The Widseth and Deor Storytelling Theatre will perform for Halloween and a Phonic FM benefit. Previously the #WonderfulWomenSing event worked out ok. there was a bit of a delay till the sound was edited in. I think the various versions are hard to avoid as some people on YouTube respond to something being available close to the event.

This time I have taken the sound from FM broadcast. The Storyteller tries out voices and versions of tales ahead of a live event. Not sure if all these stories will be part of the actual evening. One more test session to go, this Thursday about 9-10 in morning. But having done the sound edits I may just find some suitable image sequences from the actual evening and not worry too much about the sync. Depends how things work out. The storyteller is ok with a mic in a studio but prefers acoustic in live performance. Maybe this will all get sorted during this week.

There are two playlists, one for Carmilla, one for the others so far.

Content Marketing as in you get the sound for free, you just have to look at the ad, not even buy a ticket till you get to the door. There should be plenty of space but suggest you get there early just in case.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Tech Exeter Conference demo for social media promotion

The first Tech Exeter conference was on Saturday at the Business School. More later on the content. Sound recording will be available soon so I will link and comment. We may broadcast extracts on @wenotno show.

Most obvious sign for me that this was a major event is the way it was promoted. Almost entirely social media. I did not see any posters or fliers. When I checked I was sent a jpeg to print out. I created a PDF but there has not been much interest in this. This may be a special case, there is a known mailing list and they only need enough response to fill two lecture spaces. Still it did work and contrasts with Phonic FM benefits, still mostly posters and fliers. Prmoted #tags still a rarity. Some how I miss the hard copy. I am going to Kendal for a Comics event. Still with a cloud marketing aspect, but lots of actual print as well to look forward to. So a bit of a muddle in my response.

Several situations could move to a new stage based on the examples of what is possible. But I am not sure how things fit or what to try next. The Management theory at Work discussion in Lancaster had started to look at information technology but the social media phase failed to restart it enough for anything face to face. The Networked Learning conference earlier this year has in some ways become comfortable with the idea of networks outside of technology. But I am not sure what is the interest from the One Planet MBA, major sponsors of the Tech Exeter event. Mostly I think this was the building and space. The business implications of the technology are outside the scope, but maybe something to come back to. I did not do much video but there will be a series of shows on Phonic FM later this year. I will find out more later. Meanwhile Twitter is great for rather vague linking text with two or more #tags or sites to visit.

Being back on a campus I thought again about the way universities break knowledge down into subjects. At Lancaster the Networked Learning  Conference was based in the Business School but then returned to Educational Research. #TechExeter was described as "multidisciplinary" but I only noticed mention of graphic design at the Met Office. Mostly people were working on practical projects. I think there is more of a gap between academics and practice since the first Management Theory at Work conferences. Not sure how to test this, but follow up to #TechExeter should be interesting.

Meanwhile continuing with Management Theory at Work in Radio. We can just collect bits of sound that roughly fit together as a sequence of theory and radio as an example. "Visual Radio" or video is definitely getting easier. Many recent examples, but still not easy to arrange permissions or time. Phonic studio still dark but sound recording ok. Next benefit will be ghost stories on Halloween, full permission to record anything so test of ant tech we can afford or borrow. Some video promotion. Tags #WidsethDeor and #HouseOnHauntedHill.

More later when back from Kendal. Maybe with some ideas on how the situation around sound compares with print / flat page publishing.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Tweet Screenshot Expanded #TechExeter

Blog post may explain tweets, they can be cryptic when edited to fit. I have been looking at the #TechExeter promotion and thinking about the #mtwr situation. (New readers , #mtwr is Management Theory at Work in Radio, continues #mtw3 ) #mtwr has so far been at the Bike shed Bar and Theatre during the summer lull when they gave us the space. #mtw3 started as a social media launch for a "f2f" event but this has not happened yet.

I like the #TechExeter event as a mix of theory and practice. My impression is that this sort of thing is becoming more rare, even at Business Schools. So I will be following the situation and will bring a video camera. I realise there will be some official record but would like to experiment with the location. Not going too much off topic as #Tech, just some side issues. Earlier this year I attended #NLC2016 in Lancaster. Networked Learning is not starting with #tech but there is some possible crossover. continues on @wenotno , tomorrow on @phonicfm 12 -2 . Our chat between sounds is speculative but we welcome links to informed mp3 , also guests.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Playlists in Context

Playlists on YouTube are a lot easier to set up than doing original video. I think I will do more of them for a while, until some model for funding better production is more obvious.

Recent conversation with JD during the start of the Wild Show. We more or less conclude subscriptions are an option but there is no easy way to make the leap into convincing people to believe that content will follow. we do mention YouTube RED, not available in the UK. Presumably in the USA there are developments around this possibility.

So I still have not actually uploaded anything for the two new channels - RGB2 for music performance etc and #mtwr - management theory at work in radio -  for conferences and theory. ( The chat with JD more or less covers the problem situation as a central case study, more or less the same as eighteen months ago )

So the Pop-Up Centre for Bar Management, Performance and Camera Studies continues but with some restrictions on scope. It may turn out that the bar is unable to make enough money from an event to cover much of a budget for promo video. There may have to be higher ticket prices or DVD sales. Advertising can only go so far. But the basic approach may have become normal. Video is just part of the budget and needs no special argument. Forthcoming events include the Tech Exeter conference where there seems to be no print budget and also a Phonic benefit with Banca da Gaia where the #tags are not on the printed promotion. Print still a priority for music events it seems. But I hope to discuss with people at both how they found out about the deatials of where and when. There may be some cross over. My guess is that video as part of social media can be quite casual but compared to a print budget there could be some production. Designers may get involved with standards on colour and soforth.

#mtwr is now more like a chat show but could go back to a conference format if there was interest. Getting to an occasion for launching a YouTube channel depends on a volume of subscriptions. There could be access to a YouTube London studio with 5,000 or so but so far none of the videos have this sort of level. So I will aim for 500 given there is nothing there yet. I will continue to add to the original channel with interviews or recordings from other events. Also the playlists will be updated.

For example the Networked Learning conference from earlier this year.

Later I might look at expanding the commenting on playlists into a product. Not just joking with JD when suggesting there could be a book relating to our radio. Subs for radio is a bit strange but a book format might contribute enough to justify some income. Worth a try, meanwhile a choice of dodgy lighting in the studio or dodgy sound in the daylight.

Definitely something from Halloween event with Widseth and Deor, production standards yet to be determined.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Mixing print and social media - Banco de Gaia and #TechExeter

This blog post is to explain the background to some tweets. See previously for how social media can work around posters when promoting a music event such as a Phonic FM benefit. The #WonderfulWomenSing performance earlier this year was the first when the #tags were on the printed promotion and well promoted ahead of the event. The video was uploaded reasonably soon so probably was found through the #tag surviving as active. But the first printed posters for the Banco de Gaia benefit do not have any tags. This may change, will try out some existing tags and see if they match up.

Meanwhile the Tech Exeter conference seems to be mostly online. Following enquiries I have been sent a jpeg of an A3 poster. I have created two PDF files for printing. Also a much smaller extract jpeg that should work on this blog

The PDF files are here



Not  the most technique advanced PDF files, no embedded fonts or CMYK. Just a jpeg in a Word file. So lots to discuss if some proper prepress people turn up at the conference. But they could print better than a jpeg. I will try one out at the Fab Lab in the Exeter Central Library.

There is a lot of video on YouTube for Banco de Gaia , catalogue of music is mostly there. Also one well edited video from Grice that shows possibility from Phoenix. More later on how to make a case for better video production.

Both events are on the same day so maybe good time for discussion, has print gone? do #tags matter?

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Networked Learning Conference video now on YouTube

Three videos have now been published from a conference in Lancaster about networked learning - both keynotes and the closing panel. I have updated the playlist that started with recordings from previous events. I am trying to adapt a playlist approach that started around CD promotion. Gradually there is a pattern as to how video helps to promote and extend an event such as a conference or performance. It is still sometimes delayed in that the editing takes longer than expected but usually something turns up.

The conference also publishes through a hardback book of conference papers. This usually takes a couple of years so social media is on another timescale altogether. I hope to expand the playlist with other clips from other events as there will not be another conference till 2018.

Meanwhile in Exeter I continue to look at Management theory at Work in Radio and the forthcoming Tech Exeter event. #mtwr is not really an event in real life. As radio it repeats previous material maybe updating one section at a time. The clips gradually appear online so various versions may exist as people put it together. We may get back to Management Theory at Work as this conference also started in Lancaster and relates to Networked Learning. The subject base for networked learning though seems to have moved from management to education. It might move back again if technolgy proves more disruptive.

The Tech Exeter conference is all about technology. Some implications will be covered as part of Digital Exeter discussions. But there may be some overlap with networked learning ideas, or with open or networked learning. What is User Experience (UX) ? Is it another form of learning or is there some connection? I won't be pushing this sort of question but maybe there will be some informal video in background mode.

On Phonic FM there will be promotion through video and FM broadcasts for the Halloween benefit. No obvious theory involved but the case for video is much the same. so this blog will try to cover developments in each situation. Eventually it becomes normal, with some sort of production level being possible.

I am still trying to check when YouTube RED may be available in the UK. Maybe some other form of subscription might work. There has to be some way to fund video production and adverts are very annoying. The channels for RGB2 and mtwr are still there but nothing in them. One possibility is to look at what sort of production is possible through phones at very low cost. Talking heads ok if people are prepared to say something. Or there can continue to be links to other times and place. The playlist works well for this.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Quality and Management Learning as part of video

The post yesterday was as background mostly for people I meet in Exeter around video and local radio. This post is more at a distance and about more abstract concerns. These come from work on quality systems that related to the Management Theory at Work conferences and the Deming SIG at the IQA. I once worked mostly in print, now mostly video. There have been some attempts at YouTube video from these situations but mostly slow or missing. So something else may happen, or else I will borrow from other sites.

Some of the topics from Management Theory at Work came up as part of Networked Learning, conference earlier this year. Still at Lancaster, now based in Education not Management. There was interest in video and some activity but nothing turned up yet as far as I know. I have done a playlist with related clips from other events. this works ok but I still think video could be more of a priority for a conference. If "open" is a concern, YouTube etc could be part of it.  

Quality seems to be quite an official sort of subject. Most of the video about ISO 9000 2015 that has appeared is fairly formal. Not much conversation or diversion. There is an innovation aspect to quality but I am not sure how this works as video.

Previous post about Halloween stories and the Tech Exeter conference. Any video I do for the Tech bit will be informal and marginal. There will be something official. But I think it will work as a contribution to promoting the event and recording some content. we do aim to get some stories from the Phonic benefit on a higher production level but any sort of effort will be part of the mix.

Thing is I can't imagine a quality event or academic conference with the same sort of approach. not sure. maybe can link to something somewhere. or the theory is part of the situation, detail to emerge.

Meanwhile I continue with "Management Theory at Work in Radio". We can have a chat level association with theory. there is enough transition in digital sound, however stable appears Phonic FM. Talk about "Design Science" is easier than about quality. Not sure why and it is not exactly accepted. presentation is an art not a plan and soforth. maybe more on this later.

Most of this for later, maybe end of the year. After Halloween there may at least be some sort of production model.

By the way, for unis Networked Learning may return as a Management topic if the online course income raises questions about the buildings budget / debt.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Lighting Tests continued, Video development as story telling

This will be linked to on the Facebook page for the Pop-Up Centre for Performance, Bar Management and Camera Studies. But this blog has more space and I am more familiar with it. Facebook still a bit of a mystery and things scatter too easily.

The Pop-Up Centre is to develop a theory. RGB2 and mtwr are practice as YouTube channels. Except there is no content so far. Aim is to move up a level from the production values in current channel, in my name (Will Pollard) or aka Rougemont Global Broadcasting. so RGB2 performance / music etc and mtwr for management theory at work in radio. I realise I am repeating things if you have found this blog before but repeating things is what the situation seems to be about. Getting to a new stage is the shared issue.

So plan A is to work around two events in October. Halloween story telling benefit for Phonic FM and also Tech Exeter conference at the Business School. Not much music as such for Halloween but plenty of visual content. The Tech Exeter event is not management theory as such but there may be implications. The venue is a suitable campus location so should offer some tests of what cameras can cope with. So far management theory at work in radio has only been at the Bike Shed Theatre or actually mostly in their bar where the lighting is terrible.

Urgent point to make, the Storyteller is away this week so I will be doing the drama hour spot on Thursday 9 - 10 as well as the start of the Wild Show 10 -10.30 . I will repeat clips from News From the Sun and Having a Wonderful Time. They seem to fit a stuck project where the purpose may or may not emerge.

Any info welcome before then. About Tech Exeter - 8th October or maybe mp3 for summer stories.

I hope to involve other people in making the videos. I don't think there is any limit on the number of cameras that could be involved. Best edits take time and resource though.

Things are getting better with video production. I found this one by Sadie Horler for Why Should I Tidy My Room When the World is Such a Mess? video by Noel Harvey.

Previously I had some video from Wonderful Women Sing, another Phonic benefit. Tripod and sound feed from desk but still not a proper production. The Voodoo Lounge is ok for a tripod at back of audience but not much height.

Compare with this from the main Phoenix auditorium , Sound of the Sirens video again by Noel Harvey.

Recently the Radio 1 Academy used the Phoenix auditorium as if was a studio for the Live Lounge. Excellent results but they put the tripod in front of the audience. Several examples if you do a YouTube search. For example

It may just be that there is a gradual trend for video to be accepted. But it needs some planning to get several cameras and a sound link arranged ahead of a benefit or other performance. Edit needs resource, it takes time. So how to fit with Phonic FM for example? Radio ! talked about "visual radio" and claim improved stats for YouTube hits when looking at falling FM numbers.

Continues as management theory at work in radio or possibly a fringe topic for Tech Exeter. Instead of transition or disruption it could be that Phonic FM stays with the same core activity - FM radio - while bits of video and social media develop around it. Comment welcome. Management theory can include just sticking to existing plan, even if this is not the usual stuff for a conference.

To close for now two from long ago, no edits Canon MV 100 . Is there a Tech Bristol? What happened with technology adventures?

more later

Halloween stories can always be repeated. Nothing lost in a public record. But a conference maybe needs some unique content for those who attend on the day. Is networking enough to buy a ticket given that Exeter is not much more than a big village and you may already know several people anyway. But links please once the speakers are known, there may be something online already.

Of course the actual event is worth going to. The video cost is valid promotion. that is the claim anyway. comment welcome.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Lighting tests for better video

Going back in time from recent uploads. I rented some lights from Phoenix Digital, the film production office at the back of the building (Phonic FM is in the basement) and luckily the 24 hours was enough to go to the Bike Shed Bar in the evening, and then the Wild Show nest morning at Phonic and a quick trip to Tech Exeter in the afternoon. Tech Exeter has a meeting room in Southernhay.

So this is reasonable evidence that lighting can work. On the third one it is a bit wobbly but the good thing is that the Phonic studio is viable. 

Previously there has been a choice to make. The lighting is bad in the Phonic studio so this one shifted to black and white.

We have also been to Cafe 55 where the lighting is ok, on this one sound reasonable as well. So there are now options but still depends on budget. Cameras seem to get cheaper or better, lighting still something to hire when needed.

The Tech Exeter meeting space has network sockets and fourteen plugs for electricity so any amount of equipment could be available on a suitable occasion.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Video has arrived in Exeter already, my time line is in loops

Every so often I realise that the future arrives unevenly. This has been pointed out before but I forget. I don't think it has arrived already or some time ago, though this may be true in some other place. Anyway I do not travel that much.

But having been stuck with video in a couple of situations - Networked Learning Conference and Rougemont Global Broadcasting - I am surprised and delighted to find there has just been a Digital Exeter meeting about video. Sorry I missed it but then I also discover I am too late for the meeting on Thursday. I will definitely follow the website more closely and book early for the next one.

The evening was at the Apple Store with talks including AB Motion . Looks very convincing as a way to produce video and a strong marketing case has been made at previous Digital Exeter events ( I was able to get in a couple of times at the City Gate ) Apple has always been the choice of media professionals. I have worked with Windows so far but will reconsider. It looks easy enough to do video for social media / content marketing with the sort of kit you can find at the Apple Store. Not sure about cameras but as explained in previous posts the PopUp Centre for Performance, Bar Management and Camera Studies is always just around the corner. Notice that performance and bar management are part of what happens anyway. The study concentrates on cameras.

So there is a base for video production in Exeter. Some costs of course but the theory around promotion is accepted. Previously the PopUp Centre has claimed that video promoting performance recovers enough through the bar to fund the edit resources before the next event. It may be true but Phonic FM for example has no clear policy on video around benefit events. something may happen but it is still a bit hit and miss.

Academic conferences now use social media for promotion but investment in video production is not always a priority. Probably a hardback book with the collected papers is seen as more significant for the conference reputation. Students are still expected to produce thousands of words though video edit is not supported as a study skill.

Anyway, next step is to work on a sort of chat show connecting guests from marketing / video with music /radio and MOOC / conference. Probably involves borrowing clips from various sources but sound only is ok in Phonic studio near Queen Street Exeter.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Notes around video, background for #mtwr / #mtw3

The Pop-up Centre for Performance, Bar Management and Camera Studies will meet again somewhere in Exeter in July or August. See Facebook group. This is probably best base for #mtwr - Management theory at Work in Radio. #mtw3 continues as LinkedIn Group but possibly the list and tag in Twitter will be more active.

Continuing cases study in how to move video production to a higher level. Turns out there is a 5000 subscriber threshold to get use of YouTube London studio. So that is a concrete target but may not be realistic any time soon.

So maybe back to text while developing a script. Or low level video such as hangout edit or phone. Below are possible topics

as  #mtwr           Management Theory in Radio    Devon  August

There may not be much transition as in disruption. Comparing this year with last not much seems to have changed.  Phonic is still concentrating on FM studio . Access All Aerials is in a rural setting with distant audience so online suits well. There may be more use of social media around Phonic by different shows. So maybe look at this as middle management. the books on a managers guide to self development are updated more often than the one on a learning company. Maybe we could try looking at the company as static more or less, but more going on around it.

From last year we have not yet looked at training around innovation. New products have the problem a) explaining a benefit b) supporting learning how to use it. for example Myriad playout system could be easier than bringing in a computer. But some features are missing. Do they matter and what is the cost?

Worth evaluating Radio 1 Academy. Live Lounge video very high quality. Can similar be possible without a large van parked outside? Will the audience allow a tripod blocking view and still pay for a ticket?  Trial around benefit at Halloween. ( Storyteller may also update performance for #mtw3 as last year at Bike Shed. He is also Standup Philosopher , suitable intro for conference )

as #mtw3  Management Theory at Work 3 , social media phase until F2F sometime

Borrowing works ok. Quite possible to reconstruct an event ( reconstruct as in project something apparently in time roughly as watched )  see playlist done in a couple of hours ( not watched the longer one)

Still concentrating on Design Science. It seems to be easier to understand than quality. As long as it has some sort of learning loop quite a lot can be introduced as seems to fit. In academic journals it turns up both as management and teaching / learning .

A general problem is the style of video that is allowed by organisations. Even assuming a budget is available they can be formal. I realise I am coming from music / performance video above but still think it is a factor to consider.

For example this one on Leadership in the updated ISO 9000

You only need to watch about four minutes before the questions. The approach is fine for people who already work with ISO documents. Is it going to work for busy managers, even if they have fifteen minutes? What other styles are possible?

Just for fun here is my most watched clip. Obviously not the sort of thing any responsible health and safety manager would suggest. Engineers may raise the question of how Toyota maintenance could be expected. But here it is anyway

So this is just a question. What range of style holds enough interest to make a start?

Longer term project to study what kind of studio facility exists on a campus or offices / meeting place. It might be quite formal or else equipment that can move into a space.

I would like to look at Lancaster Uni . It seems there may be a delay with video from the Networked Learning Conference. I did some sort of location shots on the campus. Not sure what can be done to recreate the issues in a sensible time frame. Search and playlists on YouTube turns up something usually.

Get ready for BETT and Learning technologies early next year. Plenty of content from this year. Also looking out for anything on university brands moving online. The MOOC is just an aspect of a larger move. Paid courses are increasing in number. Only OU closing buildings while expanding online. At least I don't know of more examples yet. Networked Learning Conference was linked to Management School, now Education. Eventually issues could loop back to university as business.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Pinned Tweet for current situation

Regarding myself as a brand for the purpose of a couple of MOOCs , although they have stopped at the moment, I am concerned that my tweets have gone all about #corbyn. Used to be the EUref but the most striking thing has been the way that Corbyn was not reported, then blamed for  not "getting through" . A while ago my twitter stats showed me as mostly about tech and learning. Also video but that is just a recent example. So this blog post is to explain a bit more.

Probably i will return to tech and learning sometime soon. I just found this blog post that helps me understand maybe. At least shows I am not a completely isolated case. Jonathan Cook suggests there is a shift going on, some sort of crack in the economy. I would give a bit more space to social media and the changes that follow in politics and media. But his explanation of  Guardian perspective makes a lot of sense.

Maybe the discussion around Corbyn is part of a shift around tech and learning. Not sure how it will turn out.

PS as in the small space Twitter allows, I also contribute to tweets as @wenotno , a sort of radio show for pop / R&B . please send music links there so it is tidy enough to find during show.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Video strategy, 5000 subscribers for #mtwr channel with almost no content

I am trying to be ready for the radio show tomorrow. Quick clips for YouTube now mostly sound so the studio is a time slot. Yesterday on @wenotno it seemed clear to be as open as possible, as in not claiming to have set ideas or clear knowledge.

But today something more definite seems possible. The case study for Management Theory at Work in Radio has always been the chance to shift YouTube to subscription income for conference related stuff. Music performance might end up as a mix with advertising, depends on production standards. But the speculation about YouTube Red has never ended up with a definite offer in the UK.

I got interested in a tweet from YouTube UK about a week of training and support in August but when I check it requires over 10,000 subscribers. Now see previous posts, mostly on this blog, for why I have not concentrated on channels so far. Until I can see some way to fund improved production levels i will carry on bodging with the existing channel, just in my name but sometimes called Rougemont Global Broadcasting.

I have started two channels though just as a test. #mtwr for Management theory at Work in Radio, and RGB2 for improved music performance etc. Looking at the info about the YouTube studio in London it seems you could get some use of it if you had 5000 subscribers. So there is a target. Meanwhile i am doing playlists with content borrowed from other channels. Maybe I can invite them to join a project. Maybe the linking bits will make enough for a channel to get some subscriptions.

Not sure but I will try to formulate something before tomorrow. I sit in for the storyteller 9-10 then the wild show. or 106.8 near Exeter UK.

Still sounds very vague I know, but something will shift with video sometime soon. Could be YouTube, they seem to be stuck in talks with music labels, small scale conference stuff will follow somehow.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Notes on sort of chat show around Management Theory at Work in Radio ( July / August )

This may repeat previous posts but they do change a bit. Please contact directly for an update.

Radio shows continue in July, mostly expanded, then some gaps in August unless there are prerecorded versions.

The Goethe Institute MOOC about Arts Management is almost over and I am trying to relate the content back to previous projects. Management Theory at Work in Radio can be repeated as in a visit to the Bike Shed Theatre but now exists mostly as edits of previous material with some linking updates.

This playlist is a test -mtwr 2016 test-  and was put together quite quickly. I have watched most of them, the longer ones to come back to later. They are mostly from USA, perhaps in the UK we have to wait a while. No sign of YouTube RED for example so subs income just a myth.

Summer is a bit of a break but may be a time to clarify some things. Radio may seem to be static. Phonic FM continues to concentrate on FM as a base. Access All Aerials is just on Spreaker but we promote them a bit on the Wild Show and @wenotno. Management will not often comment in public about any policy decisions. We may find speculation from somewhere else though.

Checking social media the best place to put links seems to be the Facebook Page for the Pop Up Centre for Bar Management, Performance and Camera Studies .  The direction may turn towards subscriptions eventually but meanwhile most video production depends on some sort of promotion.

Assuming there is a convincing update on Management Theory at Work then working back there could be an update on Management Theory at Work #3 . This needs a real location and a video budget. Maybe the Youtube studio could help. Somewhere in London, not sure. Possibly not far from the Work Foundation. A campus would need reasonable studio though in theory cameras can be mobile. YouTube studio as an aim has the benefit that it is a bit of a fantasy. They seem to worry about channels and volume. A small scale conference based on linking clips and talking heads may not interest them all at once. If it did things would have shifted anyway so a campus studio might have happened anyway.

There is a Twitter list for #mtw3 so this will be updated.

Probably the radio discussion will be mostly about design science rather than quality. It just seems to fit better. Search YouTube for Design Science DJ to find previous clips. Some padding but there is a base here for something. Last year we were able to edit a genuine clip and Design Science remains a possible link between business and teaching. Can be expanded later.

Holidays and day trips to feature canals. Could be another location for linking copy. Exeter - Topsham , Lancaster - Kendal , rehearsal for the Bow Creek - King's Cross walk post BETT 2017 though this will face danger from cyclists so may just be in a studio somewhere close by.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Phonic FM, notes for shows rest of July

This post is partly about Management Theory at Work in Radio, a sort of conference from this time last year.

Also examples of content, sound and video, for shows. these will include bits and pieces of theory but are also case studies. So it may fit together without too many clunky links.

The storyteller is away so I am starting early on a Thursday. I usually do the first half hour or so of the Wild Show but next two weeks - 21st and 28th - I will start at 9 ( Chris arrives about 10.30 ) so guests welcome or links to sound clips etc.

The management theory is about how to morph from for example FM radio to streaming / social media. ( actually theory can be about any sort of transition but this is an edit)

Unsolved issue - how to move to a solid production budget for video. Next test the Halloween Phonic FM Benefit with Widseth, Deor the collection of masks and some subtle lighting effects. Meanwhile looking back on Wonderful Women Sing, tattoo events and the Sound of the Sirens.

No major budget so far for video production but the Wonderful Women Sing playlist has worked ok, mostly by including clips from other sources. I did some early video for the Sirens and they now have many much better ones. I hope to find out more about their productions ahead of next Phoenix gig. There have been a couple of tattoo events but I have lost track of the names and the next one. One problem is branding clips to Phonic music genres / shows.

Last year the "conference" was a day as part of Dark Times , a week in August at the Bike shed Theatre and Bar. This year the location will shut completely after August 5th. But there could be a visit before the end of July. LinkedIn post from last year is still a good guide to the topics.

So sorry if this makes even less sense than usual. Please listen to the shows for real time explanation.

@wenotno on a Tuesday is mostly music though I can slip in some sensible talk when @jonathanmahy is in relax mode

University focus is moving online, UK included

This post is just opinion really. Not sure if this is the best blog to put it in. Could be Learn9 where I keep up with quality ideas and learning. Probably will link later from readG where I react and respond to the print Guardian. Peter Scott has so far avoided writing about the MOOC as a topic or much related to it. He did say he intended not to, that was about it and a while ago.

Post BREXIT things may speed up a bit and there could be some breaks in situations that appear stable. The UK research will still get funding but the topics could be a bit isolated. Probably the digital aspects of education will get less attention from the ancient universities and the London research intensive / posh. But my guess is that EU projects will continue to connect with global innovation.

Could speed up if academics leave the UK for better locations. Also UK may put more energy into online from a practical point of view to get round travel restrictions.


Peter Scott

Michael Arthur

mentions on Andrew Marr show, UK academics getting phone calls already.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Link to Learn 9

There is a post in Learn9 with a guide to the Goethe MOOC on Arts Management. This relates to the post on a marketing plan for Rougemont Global Broadcasting.

Gradually these blogs may come together. The Learn9 one started with quality but this is also implicit in the Goethe MOOC. More later when it connects a bit better. At least I have an outline now of what the MOOC was about. Structure not obvious when you start out.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Marketing Plan - Rougemont Global Broadcasting for #GoetheMooc

I have gone way off track lately but this post is a rough marketing plan for Rougement Global Broadcasting as a set of YouTube channels. The Mooc on Arts Management is coming to an end and we are formally asked to consider our own actual situation. as explained previously I have roughly been doing this anyway. the learning sets never really got going and I have not had time to consider the case studies in any detail.

The course has encouraged me to look at transition as loops or slight adjustments that move forward and back. So I am not expecting a sudden digital shift and phases of some inertia seem more normal. Rougemont Global Broadcasting has been a personal channel on YouTube and for the last year or so I have been trying to move it to a level of improved production standards. YouTube suggest channels so there is now RGB2 for music and performance, MTWR for Management Theory at Work in Radio. Neither have any uploads as yet as I have continued with low level clips in the original channel and also playlists made up of video from other sources with occasional linking clips.

The delay is mostly because YouTube has still not launched YouTube Red in the UK. In the USA it is now possible to get some share of subscription income so adverts can be avoided. I think this is the only way for an academic / conference channel such as Management Theory at Work in Radio. Even for a music audience the ads are very annoying. It seems the delay may be around the copyright situation for music. It may sort out but meanwhile just a few tests are possible.

The linking clips are mostly sound from radio shows at Phonic FM. The basement studio is fairly dark so video is difficult. There could be an investment in renting some lights. this is a low risk way of improving production.

For Halloween there will be an evening of storytelling, a benefit for Phonic FM, and this could be recorded. There could be some better kit used for the video and a launch of RGB2. Even exploring this will raise the possibility of another level for future events. The storyteller has also performed as part of Management Theory at Work in Radio so this could be updated later.  

The radio shows are now being edited for an online archive - Access All Aerials . A more complex marketing plan would involve them and their base at Seale Hayne. Also other shows on Phonic FM and activity at the Phoenix Arts Centre where Phonic FM is based. But this is for later, maybe involving them in a future MOOC.

So that's it, just long enough to keep up the blog. Not much action intended, mostly being ready when things turn up.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

DCMA lobby could explain delay in UK Youtube RED

Background - YouTube announced a subscription service last year in the USA. I subscribed to the UK test but it has yet to launch. So far I have explained this as a temp problem but it seems discussion between YouTube and record companies is not going well.

Rolling Stone reports support for a revision to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to challenge the YouTube legal basis for current operations. In a related story Trent Reznor objects to the business model.

"I think any free-tiered service is not fair. It’s making their numbers and getting them a big IPO and it is built on the back of my work and that of my peers.

Read more:
Follow us: @rollingstone on Twitter | RollingStone on Facebook

Reznor was speaking at the Apple World Wide Developer's Conference. I guess "free-tiered" means a streaming service with a free option. When Apple launched their radio it was suggested some companies would prefer that Apple was the only streaming option and they would already know all credit card details. I don't think this is very likely to happen though. Legislation would have to be extreme to remove so much content from YouTube that new artists stopped posting unknown tracks. Of course Paul McCartney would probably get interest in a new single without YouTube but vice versa YouTube would survive without Admiral Halsey.

I am interested in the music aspects of this. I was blocked for six months after Controversy Publishing objected to my video of the Mama Stone House Band covering a Prince song. Things do fluctuate but new legislation rarely changes the direction towards streaming.

More immediate could be how this relates to conference recordings or other presentations. I had thought that Management Theory at Work could be a subscription channel, or at least a channel with a subscription option. As I understand YouTube RED the subscription covers any content with the income split depending on views. I don't think the advertising would suit an academic audience. It is very annoying. But there needs to be some form of income so that production standards are improved.

Meanwhile I am mostly working on playlists and borrowing content from other sources. It sort of works to an extent. The ideas around Management Theory at Work  turn up quite often in different places. Probably the USA as they get the deals most readily. Maybe YouTube RED will never make the UK so production will be in the USA and outside the USA just income streams.

Anyway I am sure there will be a commercial solution, either with YouTube or somewhere else. Presentations could be viable without an agreement for music.

Having said that it might also be possible that a lot of new performers would welcome something like YouTube that just promoted their music. When I work on radio shows for Phonic FM I think that as we pay PRS it is ok to play new tracks from YouTube. But I may be wrong about this. Social media is not radio, so far.  Any clues welcome.

Networked Learning Conference Playlist updated on YouTube

I have added a video to the playlist, about social media. Still waiting for the official uploads from the event but they should arrive soon.

What strikes me is the guidance on what is found useful - blogs, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook then other forums. In Lancaster there was a paper "Where have all the students gone? They are on Facebook now" but not much in the presentation about video. I think that during last year Facebook much improved resources for video as YouTube advertising was quite solid. Hard to show this through surveys but it is interesting YouTube may be ahead of Facebook in some circumstances.

Meanwhile can't find video from the Video Pedagogy event in Zagreb. Maybe it will turn up. the journal is open source so I will try the website later.

Caroline Haythornthwaite is suggesting a wider meaning for elearning than previously. 

"blur those boundaries , reach outside"

Click on the text for the full playlist not sure how else to link, tryingok seems to work

Monday, June 20, 2016

Goethe MOOC - Brand Values continued

More notes on how to have a project parallel to the MOOC on managing arts organisations. I am getting more vague at this stage, it is about "emerging identities" . Maybe something more solid before June 30th. The next phase has been described in a blog as about "marketing strategy" so I guess we should understand the brand before that date or soon after. Actually the MOOC will not end, just maybe have an actual group the next time it happens.

I am still thinking about two Twitter accounts - @will789gb and @wenotno - and the tags #mtwr and #WildShow . Others will turn up maybe but these are a start and can be thought of as brands.

The course is turning out to be about management. So a lot of other content could fit. I have done a Futurelearn MOOC on brands for example.

Over the summer I am not sure about location. Radio shows continue from @PhonicFM basement. I will cover some shows for the Storyteller who is on tour in Teepee this week to Glastonbury then towards Portugal. Not sure which week is which. He should return in August. The Networked Learning conference will next be in Zagreb where the conference about video and pedagogy has just closed. Only one still on Twitter so far.

It may be time for the Pop-Up Center for Bar Management, Performance and Camera Studies. we did meet last August or was it July. Problem is that Visiting Fellow Jo Gedrych may reach Exeter just as the Teepee arrives in Portugal. Possible links on Facebook could cope with this.

I have some more searching on YouTube and found that there is a playlist for the Goethe MoOC but it was uploaded last year. I missed this entirely when the course started this year. Not sure I can embed the playlist but will try some links.

I still think the most interesting one is about expansion and online. ( Tate Modern still tilted towards iconic buildings I guess but maybe this is just the reporting )  I wanted to make this more widely available, Vimeo link not sure it was public or maybe just meant for the MOOC. Anyway I played the ausio on 'PhonicFM and uploaded the clip with discussion. Added value? maybe not but it seems legit. Anyway the original is actually on YouTube already.

Possible academic paper about pedagogy to consider how this YouTube aspect relates to the main MOOC. Clips could be in video form and compiled later.

More later in the week, after the 'wenotno show tomorrow and #WildShow on Thursday.

Our three values could be

open content               tech experimentation                 variable ability

This phase lasts tilljune   30th  

Full title - Exploring Emerging Identities: Co-creating and shaping digital brands

We should already have some key terms and a morphological box

also a list of stakeholders  and   activities

the text from this phase is sort of prior to action

"this co-creation proposal has to be actionable, resourceful and drawn from the insights of your collective team by recognizing the various elements that go into shaping a brand’s identity."

then phase 6  marketing strategy

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Identity as in what to brand?

This is very vague at the moment. Phase five of the course is about " exploring emerging identities " . turns out to be mostly branding and social media.

Full title of the MOOC - Managing the Arts: Cultural Organizations in Transition.     

Supposed to be based on project work in groups. but this is very difficult in practice. My group seems to have vanished but some may return.  On Twitter @goethemooc  #goethemooc

So I am going to continue dipping in and using my own situation rather than study of the cases. Just to simplify to what I can do by myself. Also I am not sure what the current info is. I think the content is sometimes repeated from last year. If there is a move by arts organisations away from iconic buildings towards online resources it may be very recent.

My guess is that transition is moving faster with sound. (Repeating previous post but gradually moving towards branding) With fine art or graphics there is not much movement in terms of mix options for critique / promotion. Please send links if I am way wrong on this.

I can start with Twitter accounts for myself - @will7879gb - and a radio show - @wenotno - with Jon Mahy who I will add later depending on what he thinks. We may return to the tag #mtwr for Management Theory at Work in Radio. this happened as a day conference last summer, not sure what may happen this year, probably something online but no advertised face to face.

The Phonic FM studio is in the basement of the Phoenix Arts Centre but we relate to a wider area, not sure how to define this.

@wenotno is mostly music. My own Twitter account links to a YouTube channel with some management theory from around #mtw3, previously to #mtwr . More explanation later if it seems to fit.

Also I am working through content from a recent conference on Networked Learning  and trying to find out about a conference on video in education.  The Association for Visual Pedagogies Conference AVPC 2016 is about Visual Pedagogies and Digital Culture but I cannot yet find anything on YouTube. The proposal is for a journal combining text and video. Seems it will be published soon. Looks very proper for academics but also sponsored to be open. So more later. Have found a Twitter hashtag and will look out for more.

Not sure of the academic context but I try to follow the way social media includes content from conferences and forms of publishing. This might be part of a policy to be open and reach a wider public. It can also be seen as a form of content marketing, to promote a paid for version of the content or tickets for a future event. The video from #NLC2016 is quite slow but the next event is still almost two years away so maybe this is a sensible pace. what will happen with the content intended for the Video Journal of Education and Pedagogy? Will there be samples on YouTube?

I think you can join the MOOC as an observer  but maybe it would be good to form a group for next year assuming there is another one.

The reading list ( I could include a link if you can't find a copy )

Mandatory Reading

Liang, Lawrence. A brief History of the Internet from 15th to the 18th Century, in: Lovink, G. & Tkacz, N. "Critical point of view. A wikipedia reader." (2012): 50-62.

O'Reilly, Daragh. "Cultural brands/branding cultures." in: Journal Of Marketing Management, 21 (5/6), (2005): 580-586.

Shirky, Clay. "It Takes a Village to Find A Phone", in: "Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing without Organizations". (2008): 1-24.

 Suggested Reading

Cramer, Florian. "What is ‘Post-digital’?" in: Post-digital Research (2013).

Hinck, Ashley. Theorizing a public engagement keystone- Seeing fandom's integral connection to civic engagement through the case of the Harry Potter Alliance, in: Transformative Works and Cultures 10 (2012).

Pokharel, Prabhas. Talking Change (And not just Campaigns), in: Digital Natives Thinkathon Position Papers (2010): 75-91.

More later on if this phase still seems to fit together at all.

By the way, if you are in the UK or have access to BBC2 there is a show about the Tate this evening. Iconic buildings still part of the mix.

For record , txt from phase 4 of Cultural Organizations in Transition

Coming up a proposal about phase five and next year. I have got a bit lost on this MOOC and my group seems to have vanished. so project work a bit sketchy, although the content still interesting


This is a very sketchy update on what I am making of things so far. I think the group is dormant but I have been thinking about the theory while doing other things.
I started with words such as "sound", "radio", "streaming" . This was changed to others, more abstract and academic. I understand why this is but I am still concentrated on a small area, how radio responds to digital. Radio can be just one aspect of an arts setup but it is definitely changing now. Music promotion is as much social media as FM.
I like the Morphology as a way to think about "wicked problems" but don't have time to go into detail. Better video production on YouTube requires more resources, maybe from subscription maybe seen as part of promotion. The subscription transition is slow and may not happen. Promotion aspect depends on perception.
The stakeholders include performers, the management of venues, especially sound engineers. The audience is assumed to be people who use online video to find  content to buy / concerts to attend. They are stakeholders but I only get limited feedback. I guess a pattern from everything else.
Co-opting multiple stakeholders seems to happen in a series of loops. We try out ways of using sound clips from FM radio on social media and gradually get more content for the shows. Music video is now much better understood by performers. On YouTube I can now do playlists rather than create new content as more is available and there is acceptance of this form of linking. Launching a channel would require more support and maybe playlists will work more easily. I may use the morphing software to model this later.

More about my own situation from the blog - hello spiders -  and Twitter - @will789gb
I hope to continue with the MOOC. If anyone interested please join. Otherwise I will just update occasionally.
I am not sure of the date of the course study material. I wonder if there is a transition to online resources rather than iconic buildings or if that time is still far off. (Tate Modern is in the news at the moment, not for anything online). 

Monday, June 13, 2016

More about Albertopolis East

Last week I visited the Olympic Park in London and found out a bit more about the plans for Albertopolis and Olympicopolis. So far I have been thinking about the area around the Royal Albert Memorial Museum (RAMM) in Exeter as a West version to match Albertopolis East as proposed by Boris Johnson. The original Albertopolis is still near the Albert Hall including the museums. The East one is about the arts and university organisations moving to the Olympic Park in the next few years. I have claimed that the Albertopolis West already exists around the RAMM in Exeter. Now I know a bit more about the East version so can start to make some comparisons.

I did a short video of the hoarding about the V&A, Sadlers Wells, UCL and UAL moving to the International Quarter. There will be more later, mostly stills including maps. I think the area will be a good backdrop for video with plenty of seats for conversation.

One thing I did not realise is that Loughborough University is already there. The old media building near the Hackney Wick entrance has become Here East with workshop space and a Canalside of cafes and bars. This is not mentioned on the hoardings for Olympicopolis but I think it would be part of Albertopolis East with a theme of design and manufacture. The research agenda includes media and technology.

I will try to find out more about what is happening nearer to Stratford. In Exeter I like the idea of relating back to the history around the RAMM building. Exeter University was once in the building that is now the Phoenix Arts Center. The Art School has moved to Plymouth but has recently been reclaimed by Exeter College. I guess the new design of Albertopolis East will be more digital. Thinking about the organisations not yet there will have to be via the web to other locations.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

BBC Push To End "Television"

This is a sort of draft based on expected news event that the Radio 1 Big Weekend will not be /  has not been on televison on any scale expected from previous such events. Plus speculation that this is a deliberate BBC policy to move the audience away from "television" as we know it.

As of today Sunday I have looked at the Observer TV guide which shows Mumford and Sons on BBC4 next Saturday night. But nothing on BBC1 or BBC2.

Mostly my expectation is based on various conversations while the Radio 1 Academy has been in Devon. They are so keen on online - YouTube Live Lounge ,  VEVO , their own visual channel on the iPlayer that the subject of television rarely surfaces, as in BBC 1/2/4.

News still seems a bit different. Evan Davis spoke at a session about how to tell stories in a digital age. He still sees a secure future for news on TV and also for newspapers. This is something to come back to. This next week is mostly about music though similar patterns may relate to news later.

Inow understand that the aim of the Radio 1 Academy is to encourage young people into careers. I had been looking for how the knowledge related to a local situation. So I am interested in how the Phoenix and Devon can use sound and video production in social media without all the resources of a big truck.

The most immediate issue is how open to be. I noticed discussion on Phonic FM about making comments closed on Youtube or similar. Personally I favour open comments and I find of the web to be polite and supportive. But this is clearly something to discuss.

My idea of digital storytelling is to publish interim bits and pieces and check the response. For one thing the shared information could change the story.

Just my opinion now, this is a blog after all, there could be a lot more from the Big Weekend if BBC4 changed the schedule. There may be another time to watch an old edition of Top of the Pops. Maybe they will get some feedback.

Perhaps there is a generation of Radio 1 listeners who never watch "television" so finding stuff on YouTube or the iPlayer is normal. No doubt there will be a boost for the Radio 1 channels after the event. But should we all be forced towards YouTube just because the Big Weekend is not on BBC1 or BBC2? Could the movies be shown on some other date? Anyway, more of this on Tuesday when the Radio Times will reveal the BBC4 schedule for Sunday. The @wenotno show is on @phonicfm from 12 -2 when the Radio Times has had a thorough study. This is investigation.

So far there is no clear public statement on BBC policy to get rid of "television" but there are obvious questions looking for an answer.

For example what happens to the income from VEVO assuming there is some? Is there income from YouTube RED in the USA? Could any UK channel get the same sort of deal? What is Amazon doing? Will the iPlayer work outside the UK or will the BBC just work with other platforms?

Comments and link suggestions welcome. Updated versions of this story coming soon.

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Question to Dev on Access All Aerials

Interview with Dan Gooding, Executive Producer from BBC Learning for Executive Producer for Radio 1 Academy

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Linking Radio 1 Academy , Networked Learning, and Arts Management

This post is a way to make some links, quite short but too long for a tweet.

I am still sorting through slides and photos from the Networked Learning Conference in Lancaster. I did not get permission to do any video but there was some recording and it may turn up on YouTube soon. Informal discussion during the conference suggests that attitudes to video are changing and I think there will be enough from similar places to extend the playlist.

The Radio 1 Academy is in Exeter at the Phoenix where Phonic FM is in the basement. My chat with Dan Gooding yesterday is now on YouTube, sound only. The lighting is dreadful in our studio. I am still a bit surprised how far the Radio 1 and BBC Learning are away from classic TV in their approach. I still think some of the Big Weekend could turn up on BBC2 or similar but this is clearly not a priority compared to YouTube Live Lounge or the Radio 1 channel on iPlayer.

I am still part of a MOOC on arts management. We have moved on to phase two but I am still thinking about phase one and transitions. Clip below with extracts from video and discussion on Phjonic FM. If an Arts Centre becomes a media centre then it needs a full range of studio resources. Somehow the Phoenix at the moment is an extension of the BBC truck parked outside. This is obviously not normal but the interesting thing will be to work out what resource is suitable for something to continue.

So later there will be video from the Radio 1 Academy of the talks and discussions. Also at least the keynotes from the Networked Learning Conference. It could be possible to work out how to make more video depending on resources. Cameras are getting better value so quite a lot is possible.

Most of the Exeter discussion is about music and music video but tomorrow I hear the session on digital storytelling will also cover news.

Meanwhile I will keep playlists updated