Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Dupe of Posterous will789gb - update on Hello Spiders

While checking out the Blogger backlist it turns out I already have a blog called Hello Spiders.

So this is a good place to back up Posterous. I'm sure it will turn up again, not planned to vanish till the end of this month.

I am starting a new blog as Posterous is coming to an end. It is based at Squarespace. There are a few posts now. The latest is about speculation in blog form. I see it as a form of science fiction, at least it can only be tested in future.
 I think it will move about in time. Much repeating of items from this Posterous blog and also the Blogger blogs. I have found this Posterous version useful in bringing themes together. This will continue but also some effort to shift things to some future clarity.
The Hello Spiders has been used before, I will look some out. I don't think what I'm writing about is unusual. There are similar situations in other times and places. So the spiders will work this out eventually.
Posterous ends at the end of April, so mostly hellospiders dotcom after that.