Saturday, November 28, 2015

Critique and Analytics

It turns out that there are some stats from YouTube that are getting interesting. In our talk on the Wild Show this week we thought there were no stats about Phonic FM and usually I don't go into the YouTube stats in great detail. But I have noticed that the CMS playlist is third ( well 60 minutes in 28 days, compares to 1,391 for Joss Stone - Water for Your Soul so not that many in YouTube terms).

When I look a bit more it turns out that YouTube has changed the basis of the ranking. Watch Time is the new priority, on number of views this playlist would be much lower, behind the music ones. Then in detail most of the minutes, over 90%, are for  Prof Dennis Tourish . This is at the top of the list but other ones are being looked at although not completed.

So this is the first time the conference / talk style of video is showing up as being watched on any scale. Others do get views but so far over long periods of time.

Meanwhile I cannot find much social media around the New Directions in Leadership conference in Lancaster next month. I try tweeting to @LancsLeadership but no reply so far. However it seems there is a basis for using video from previous occasions to promote a conference. Of course Prof Tourish will say something different at the actual event but sometimes existing video is a reasonable guide for people thinking about whether to book in or not. (The Zion Train performance at the Phoenix in Exeter will be unique and not to be missed)

Recently we spoke about #digitalExeter on the Wild Show. We may get closer to some sort of approach that would fit with content marketing ideas. The digital Exeter meetup also covered a YouTube channel based on games. Very large numbers where analytics could find significant variations. For more info check Twitter on @GeekDadGamer on YouTube and @concentricdots for content marketing.

Summary on Management Theory at Work

The year is coming to an end and I am still trying to make sense of the Dark Times, the break in August when the Bike Shed Theatre was available for a day of radio based version of Management Theory at Work. Various things are working out but others are confused so I am trying out a few blocks of text that explain for a while and then may be replaced.

People can make what they like of the content found through #mtw3 and #mtwr but I think the aspect that interested me was the way the conferences extended the ideas around a learning company. The Department of Management Learning and Leadership has not got an obvious interest in organisation or technology but a wide range of issues turn up in a conference. My work situation has been in quality management and so I am interested in how people learn from quality systems or don't.

I have started to look at vagueness as a way to present something but so far I may not have been vague enough. It should include enough space for a wide range of links. Another thing to come back to.

So the turns around critique and leadership are there to follow but may take the confusion even further. I realise that for most practitioner situations the theory is from several academic subjects. Sometimes you have to try to remember how the interest started as well as how the study is organised.

Although issues have been covered previously I don't think there is much interest in disruption as in the case of universities. We tried with #mtwr to connect design science in teaching with design science in management. Not much response. Somehow the people who look at learning technology are not commenting on the budgets. Personally I don't see why there is the priority for buildings but this may just be because I live in Exeter.

We did find that the YouTube playlist for Critical Management Studies has found some interest. There was help in finding suitable video to include. Also this playlist has been updated ahead of the Leadership conference in Lancaster ( see next post for analytics )

Meanwhile management theory at work in radio sort of continues. Mostly practice but the theory may be easier to describe later.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Back to something quick

I am going back to this version of Hello Spiders because the SquareSpace one is a bit slow to loadand has more features than I use on a regular basis. I just want a form of notes at the moment.

Spiders seems from a long time ago but maybe Robots are the new form. Some sort of pattern I fit into.

The #mtwr / #mtw3 day worked ok I think, even on a small scale. You will have to search for more info. The notes are to help me, mostly.

The Seale Hayne Beer and Music Festival was a definite stage moving forward. I will suggest a period of reflection as there is plenty of time to plan for next year. But in the case of #mtwr I will thin kabout moving on different sections fairly soon. There was too much for one day but a reasonable shape is in there.

Friday, January 02, 2015

Notes for 2015

This is trying out the Kendal library. I just moved here for some of the time. There will be wifi at home by the end of the month. Can't use Medium on this browser, not sure is fits anyway but I like the space.

Hello Spiders is and was open enough for words that suit engines. so this is the best space for what is a copy from notes. Over the last ten days or so I have gone back to pencil and pages. Also made a scrapbook from previous jottings. More on this later if there is time. 38 min left on library clock.

Starts with guess at 160m games sites having trouble with server hack. Not sure of the number but that was the news item post Xmas. There is a large base of games players somewhere.

Still not much about virtual worlds and the MOOC. Guardian still ignores this mostly.

Exeter Library strong on Fab Lab, Maker, 3D etc. This seems to be anew phase for the web, not sure how it will work out at other places. In Kendal could be part of the college but not yet visited.

Course / chat show structure for quality / ISO 9000

PDC/SA as a loop anyway, just map to existing experience
ISO 9000 2015 and other standards as a similar loop
More on systems and stats? as an option
So if audits are passed ok, what else to do?

Radio show could be more casual than a formal course, there is a danger it all ends up on a conformance model whatever the intention was

MOOCs to repeat in 2015
Local news
Scientific Humanities

Digital Business Academy
project could be a YouTube Channel for #mtw3
but what would the CMS thread make of this?
start with Bruno Latour and a "controversy" / "innovation"

also extend some of radio talk to Design Science for Radio Management
social media as well as airtime, Pulse on LinkedIn when sorted out

(another page of notes for another time )

Thing about the scrapbooks was that the notes for radio took up much more space than anything else. So I am moving more topics around the shows, @wenotno on Tue, Wild Show on Thur @PhonicFM

radio scrapbook includes topics around TEDx Exeter and Fab Lab. Maybe this will become part of #mtw later. Version 3 - #mtw3 - loops around the media in use but the web is going beyond content.

19 min late, need to check Youtube stats so ends for now