Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Back to something quick

I am going back to this version of Hello Spiders because the SquareSpace one is a bit slow to loadand has more features than I use on a regular basis. I just want a form of notes at the moment.

Spiders seems from a long time ago but maybe Robots are the new form. Some sort of pattern I fit into.

The #mtwr / #mtw3 day worked ok I think, even on a small scale. You will have to search for more info. The notes are to help me, mostly.

The Seale Hayne Beer and Music Festival was a definite stage moving forward. I will suggest a period of reflection as there is plenty of time to plan for next year. But in the case of #mtwr I will thin kabout moving on different sections fairly soon. There was too much for one day but a reasonable shape is in there.