Monday, April 25, 2016

video around theory

I am interested both in how to do cheap video and how to get a budget to move to another level. There is a channel on YouTube intended as Rougemont Global Broadcasting but found as Will Pollard because of scope uncertainty. It was intended to demonstrate possibility ahead of Exeter Television on cable. Cable is still a good idea but online now seems more viable. I have started two new channels - mtwr and RGB2 for management theory and local content but so far no videos in either. YouTube suggest more channels but I find it easier to work with playlists because I can borrow stuff already done.

Channels could still work when there is more support for video production. One problem is that YouTube Red is not available in the UK so there can be no subscription income. Advertising is very annoying and not obviously suited to an academic conference for example. Playlists have worked well for performance around music releases. For conference content there is a smaller scale but still worth trying out. Management Theory at Work 3 attempted online promotion of a real life event (#mtw3). Not happened yet but the radio version (#mtwr) may sort out eventually. Playlists work as most presentations are based to some extent on something previous. ( of course each live event is unique and essential)

Reuse is much easier with a Creative Commons copyright choice. On YouTube this allows a remix option so the easiest choice is to select a clip. ( I developed some training materials for this during the OLDS MOOC . Some impact but main consequence I was asked to do some edits much later by people who just remembered the possibility, not the technique. Will try to find them soon. Creative Commons choice is in advanced page. In edit, click on vid and clip at each end. Write down the timings first when you watch it.

#OER16 has YouTube for many sessions but I find the sound is very variable. Might have been ok live but needs a microphone closer to the speaker. I am doing a lot of voice only clips from Phonic FM studio in Exeter. Basement lighting impossible for reasonable video but the sound is ok. The Google hangouts are ok for sound but not Creative Commons. It has to be changed if this is what you want.

Meanwhile there are a lot of younger people finding a viable business model on YouTube. At the Gadget Show Live there was a lot happening around games for example. I hope to find out more about the kit in use. It may not be too expensive.

Next step probably to start some playlists and see what happens. Simple video continues and playlists will expand on it.

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theory around video

This post is another version of connecting things happening over the next few weeks. You may not have seen previous ones. Not much detail but there may be links to other explanation.

Today at Seale Hayne is the first presence in Devon from the Radio 1 Academy. This is at Seale Hayne. they will be at the Phoenix in Exeter during May. I don't know how much theory they will present on how to integrate FM and social media, how to create video content from a sound studio or open air performance, choosing how to distribute video through classic TV and/or online. But topics will come up and during the Big Weekend we can observe what they actually do.

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I am currently part of the Goethe MOOC on Managing the Arts, linked to Leuphana Digital. So far I have not found anyone working directly in radio but there is a theme of "transition" that appears not to depend on just one situation. On previous Leuphana MOOCs I have found the group process is not that stable, depends on dropout rates. But things look good so far. I am going to try to relate the content to Phonic FM in Exeter and people I meet there.

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Last summer I worked on a day meeting - Management Theory at Work - ( #mtwr ) that had mixed results but started a discussion around Phonic FM (mostly FM) and Access All Aerials ( entirely online but I may borrow some bits for an FM show... ) Issues much the same as we hope to learn from Radio 1. Something will continue but probably in chunks, not an obvious sequence so much edit required later.

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Previously there was an online version of Management Theory at Work ( #mtw3 ) based on conferences at Lancaster. There is some connection with Networked Learning and another conference in Lancaster during May. I am not sure how to define the academic subjects but I think there will be some connections. Output from the conference will include books and paper but probably social media and video also. There was some from 2014. See next post "video around theory" for more about production.


Content probably includes Open Educational Resources, maybe news from #OER16

Look out for tweets, this will not exactly fit together but there could be links.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Radio 1 Academy and the famous #BigMonday tag

This post is intended to hook some things together. There will be tweets and Facebook posts as well and other bits. Also more posts on this blog to expand on links.

The urgency is that the Radio 1 Academy is starting soon at Seale Hayne so I need to explain some background. Also try to make contact with people who attend. I am way outside of the age range but have some concerns that need some answers. Last year I supported Management Theory at Work in Radio - #mtwr - which was a day of talk at the BikeShed Theatre in Exeter and also a side issue during the Beer and Music Festival at Seale Hayne. The central question is how to cope with the transition from FM radio to social media and online clips. It turned out that public statements on policy issues are not as likely as conference organisers would prefer. But if you stay all day and have an informal chat you may discover something. This year the facts are well known- Access All Aerials is online through Spreaker. Phonic FM is mostly FM with a web signal and many shows arrange whole or part dhows on various platforms. Meanwhile I am doing a MOOC course on "Cultural Organisations in Transition". I think this about a transition around organisations, not just in organisations one at a time. Not sure, this is just week one.

But before a long quote, the main urgent point. The first event is at Seale Hayne on 25th April. You need to be aged 16-19. If you go please consider reporting back on @wenotno / Wild Show on Phonic FM. Also please contribute to The #BigMonday event in Heavitree Pleasure Ground at the end of May.

Back to the "Managing the Arts" MOOC -

Last year when this very MOOC was in its first iteration the emphasis was on arts management & marketing. In less than a year’s time we have seen several new technologies emerge thereby shifting the attention graph of audiences from merely a consumer or a spectator to an active participant and sometimes even cultural producer. With these new evolutions one thing becomes very clear, uncertainty, ephemeral media and having the ability to adapt and leverage unpredictable events can distinguish a cultural organization from either feeling overwhelmed and remaining stagnant or use crisis-led situations to one’s own advantage. This realization is why we are committed to imbibing a renewed understanding of transitions and crises within cultural industries.

This is from an intro blog by Bhavani Esapathi-Satyaranjanraju and Nishant Shah. The MOOC is organised by the Goethe Institute and  Leuphana Digital. I will be involved in projects for the course but als relating the ideas to local situations. My guess is that people from Seale Hayne will sometimes visit the Phonic FM studio in Exeter as well as working online. How this is described as "transition2 can be written up later.

Meanwhile the BBC has closed down BBC3 as TV as we have known it. Not many stats yet on how this compares online. As far as I know the there will be some form of video from the Devon Big Weekend but not on BBC3 as previously. Will it be online only? Will some be on YouTube officially? Is there a policy or a theory? It appears what might be happening with radio will happen more quickly with music video, even if decisions start with budgets. The viewing stats may not be reassuring to start with but could get better if something starts to work out.

Please add comments to this post, especially if you know something from the Radio 1 Academy.

As far as I know the Big Weekend is just the Saturday and Sunday. By chance on the Monday there is an afternoon in the park organised by the Heavitree Community Association. More on this later. I will be playing some CDs and bluffing as a sound engineer. Help please from any direction. Especially if you understand reggae. I am ok with a mixing desk if I leave most of it alone but sometimes thjis is not enough. Also most of the CDs available to the committee are from the previous century. We really do need some suggestions so anyone with a bit of training from the Radio 1 Academy would be welcome. #BigMonday should find it.

Meanwhile I contribute to the We Don't Know show (@wenotno on Twitter ) on Tuesday 12 -2 and the Wild Show ( Wild Show on Facebook ) on Thursday 10 -12 so please send mp3 or contact if you would like to visit.

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

April and May situation outline

This is a situation report for the next couple of months. There will be more detailed ones for different audiences as things go on. General problem is how to work better with video and associated social media. Last year the "Management Theory At Work In Radio" event = #mtwr - was stretched out around August but this year there are just bits of it that can return mostly one at a time.
Phonic FM is still a good focus for how an organisation develops with changes in technology, there is definitely online social media as well as FM.

Recent visit to Gadget Show Live has persuaded me not to have too fixed a set of expectations. I had hoped the "YouTube Meet and Greet" would be a chance to talk to YouTube. The YouTube Red option is very interesting as a way to fund better video while avoiding adverts but it is still USA only. It turned out the stand was actually YouTube fans, nothing official at all. There is the start of a video of my rave at the time. I now realise I should have spent more time talking to the people there. They turned up in the afternoon. I have since found them online, seems to include Minecraft and games. So there is a model that might work later for an academic conference or music performance. It is just more likely to be in the USA than in Exeter UK. Soundcloud has launched a similar scheme and again that is USA only at this time.

So I continue to do more with playlists on Youtube than with channels. I have set up a couple - Management Theory at Work in Radio and RGB2 mostly for music - but they are very much on hold. There will be UK options maybe later in the year. So current aim is to have a good look at what is happening, there are several things over the next two months.

There is a conference in Lancaster in early May about Networked Learning. There may be some connections with Management Theory at Work from a while ago but I am not sure how things could fit together. The #mtwr started as a way to continue some of it with a focus on radio. One of the topics will be OER - open educational resources. I think this may compare with radio where there is constant reuse of bits of sound. There is another conference in April - OER16 - and I can track this at a distance. There will be some form of recording /social media at the Networked Learning conferernce and I will attend this to check it out.

At the end of May there are two events in Exeter- the Big Weekend from Radio 1 and also an afteroon in Heavitree Park from the local community association. I will do the sound for the latter, current tag #BigMonday. As far as we know the Radio 1 event is just for the Saturday and Sunday so there may be some people still looking for some music, even if some of it is a bit Radio 2 plus an open mic, well it will be arranged by the day so don't just turn up. Based on previous websites we think there will be a Radio 1 Academy in Exeter during May so although I am much too old to qualify some of the ideas will be shared to some extent. Since BBC3 is now online I guess the video will be online also. This is the first Big Weekend since that change.

So I will make some more definite plans after those events. It may seem a bit too much to mix up but conferences could move online in a similar way to music content. Meanwhile there are meetings for #DigitalExeter. They have started to video the meetings. Not sure where the budget comes from but when there is a clearcut business case they will probably know how to present it.