Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Laurence Jones in Exeter - Case Study in Content Marketing

Laurence Jones returns to Exeter Phoenix next Sunday as headline following support for Vintage Trouble in May. There were about 80 tickets available yesterday. Plus some extra if the top balcony is opened. I contribute to the We Don't Know show on Phonic FM today 12 -2 and also the Wild show on Thursday 10 -12. Video from the May performance is now on YouTube.

So the plan is to promote the event through the radio and the associated video. Last year Radio 1 Academy was at the Phoenix and told us about "visual radio", the Live Lounge etc. Phonic FM has not even got a webcam but mentions of YouTube etc. are possible and also @wenotno on Twitter, Facebook page for Wild Show.

Phonic FM is a fairly small community radio station, aerial is on top of the Phoenix building and reaches an area around it. Views on YouTube may be under 100 in the time available. But we need to reach the right 80 or 100 people. ( opening up the balcony may also help future video as a possible camera angle )

More about content marketing later. Simply put, one theory is that there has to be content.